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THE CHESS PLAYERS (standard:Flash, 442 words)
Author: Danny RavenAdded: Apr 26 2007Views/Reads: 1931/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
You wouldn't think the outcome of a chess game could have such serious consequences for us all....but it does.


On a hill overlooking the small town the chess table had been set up. It
was a dark mahogany table, beautifully carved, with the board inlaid on 
the top. 

The game had been going on for some time, almost two hours but was now
drawing to a close. 

“Knight takes Bishop,” Black said, moving his Knight and removing
White's Bishop. He leaned back in his chair and looked across the 
table. “Check and mate, I would say.” 

White studied the board in silence. Black waited patiently while he
worked out the moves. At last White reached out and knocked over his 
King then cursed and swept all the pieces from the board. 

Black ignored him and gazed down in the direction of the small town, a
distant look in his eyes. 

White rose from the table. He started picking up the pieces from where
they'd landed on the grass, placing them in their individual slots in a 
mahogany box. “Your move,” he said, without turning. 

“I know,” said Black. “My win therefore my decision on what happens next
to the human race.” 

“Well ?” 

Black continued to stare down at the small town. “It concerns that virus
I introduced some years ago, AIDS, I believe they call it.” He smiled. 
“A particular favourite that virus. One of my best moves in recent 

“What of the virus ?” White asked gruffly. 

Black looked over at him. “Despite the amount of research they've been
doing on it, they still won't find a cure  - I'm blocking it.” 

White gathered up the last of the pieces. He muttered something obscene
to himself. 

“Did you hear ?” Black asked. 

“I heard !” White retorted. He snapped the box shut then walked over and
threw it on the table. 

“I bid you goodbye for the present then,” Black said, standing up. “We
can decide on the location of our next game nearer the time. Agreed ?” 

White nodded. 

Black shimmered and was gone. 

White sighed and slumped down in his chair. ‘How many more millions of
deaths will there be from that bastard virus ?' he thought and angrily 
thumped the table. 

He had hoped for a victory and the chance to give mankind the gift of a
cure. Now he would have to wait another year for his next opportunity. 

He stared down at the small town and sighed again. “Sorry,” he muttered.
“So sorry.” He stood up, shimmered and was gone. 

Shortly afterwards the table and chairs shimmered and were gone, leaving
no trace on the hill. A gentle breeze moved softly across the grass and 
down towards the small town. 


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