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Reunion (standard:Flash, 373 words)
Author: StraybulletAdded: May 03 2007Views/Reads: 1858/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
It takes a special person to bring a family back together again.


By Straybullet 

Wait ‘til mom comes back. Boy will she be surprised. Boy will she ever.
She's gonna flip her lid. I can see it now, she's gonna come in with 
her suitcases and see Mikey and Donny and me sittin' at the kitchen 
table...just like ol' times. She's gonna wonder how I fixed things. 

Ya see ever since Donny caught Mikey kissin' his girlfriend they haven't
talked. They got in a big ol' fight an' Donny moved out that night. 
O'course he's old enough to, I guess. Momma was upset. That was all 
months ago. Momma, she almost didn't go away like she been plannin' but 
Mikey he said he'd be OK watchin' me an' all. He always stuck up for me 
when th' other kids picked on me. She got Donny to promise to check on 
us before she even thought of goin' away. I knew Donny was commin' over 
(cuz he called) an' I knew him an' Mikey were probably gonna fight so I 
fixed Mikey some lemonade an' put some o' my mussle relax medicin in it 
so he wouldn't be so upset. I guess I put too much ‘cus he up an' went 
ta sleep! Yup! Right there on tha sofa he did. He hasn't moved since. 
An' Donny well he came in ta see how I was an' he looked at Mikey an' 
started foolin' around an' getting upset. I fixed him some lemonade but 
he kept sayin'. 

“I don't want no lemonade, Dale. Mikey's dead!” Can you imagin that?
Well that made me mad it did. An' he picked up tha phone an' was 
yellin' an'' well ya see I get a little funny around loud noises 
so I was actin' up an' he was shoutin' at me ta shush. He made me mad 
an' so I hit him with Momma's ashtray an' he went ta sleep too. I hope 
he ain't mad at me when he wakes up. I cleaned off all tha blood on his 
face an' I made ‘em both some peanut butter an' jelly bread san'wiches 
so it'll be alright. I just hope those two wake up b'fore momma gets 
home. I can't wait ta see th' look on her face. 


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