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Old Barn Buster.. (standard:humor, 1561 words)
Author: stanley mcqueen kentucky backwoods writerAdded: May 04 2007Views/Reads: 1896/1086Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
short backwoods story

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drag him out of the middle of the wagon road , folks will get riled if 
I leave him there. Clod asked? Well I can put it will cost you pa said 
? How much red faced Clod asked I drag him down that far away hollow on 
my farm for the buzzards to fed on him and it will cost you forty 
dollar for my trouble pa replied”well that a might of money clod 
declared but you have to wait to my corn crop is sold this fall Clod 
tells pappy .. That ok I can do that but I want your mark on a piece of 
writing tablet pa for a surety pa tell his excited friend advise 
me to go harness our mule kate and get a chain so we could pull old 
barn buster out of the road. Up the road all three us went to retrieve 
the dead mule and Clod is asking God almighty what he done to deserve a 
trade burning like he just got and pa and me smile and listen to his 
ranting and raving. I new pappy wouldn't charge him a thin dime from 
snaking the mule off , pa just wanted to worry him more is all in 
joking and to hear his complaining .. Sure we got to the dead mule and 
hooked old Kate to him and drug his down the road to our place and we 
pulled him to a far away hollow on our place so he would not be smelled 
by anyone and as we was all three coming back to our shack Clod asked 
pa could he borrow ten dollars for a week of so and pa said what do you 
need ten dollars for . Clod said im going over the ridge yonder and buy 
me a horse quart of whiskey,,paw chucked and replied you mean a mule 
quart don't  Clod Busted out laughing to the top of his lungs and then 
me and pa joined in and pa said sure clod i'll lend you that much and 
you don't owe me a dime from dragging that mule off I was just funning 
you my friend .. And by the way Clod a drink of whiskey might be just 
what it takes to cheer you up a bit pap laughed at his own words, and 
pa  says” Clod I'll loan you old Kate to do you plowing and you can 
borrow a cow off me and maybe Molly will get over her mad spell 
reaches Clod a ten dollar bill and Clod assure him he get it back in a 
week or so and me and pa watch as Clod head off toward the boot leggers 


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