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My thought on Today modern times (standard:Editorials, 485 words)
Author: stanley mcqueen kentucky backwoods writerAdded: May 07 2007Views/Reads: 2237/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)

my thoughts on Today times 

this morning as i set alone in from of my computer,, thinking about what
my life has been like as a person..being brought up and raised by two 
hard working parent, on a little hill side kentucky farm , the oldest 
son of eight children born to my father and mother union,  working hard 
in the tobacco fields together as a family..being taught not to shun 
work but to put your heart in what ever your doing, and if its digging 
a ditch do it the best you can. in this modern day times, the family 
farm hardly excist any more, our children here in america hardy have 
ever had to work or are even taught about work, i know some have but 
not many have experianced a hard day work at the age of 
want kill you but sometimes you think your going to die.. but to me its 
sad that young folks have it so darn easy ,,, all it does in hurt them 
when they do have to get a paying job, no wonder we have so many that 
steal and knowing that crimes plaughs our nations cities and counties, 
and old mountain saying applies these day(- the idle hand is the devile 
work shop.) much free time i,m thinking in my opinion of 
course...did you know that some young folks these day have been raised 
by wealthy parents feel they are too good to do manual labor...their is 
another old mountain saying,, born with a silver spood in your 
mouth..which means simply having it all the top in wealth and 
accsets....knowing that God give and supplied us hands to work and feet 
to get to work enought  strength do the work ... I strongly thinks that 
work is required for all of us..moral and values are not being taught 
and stress these day and that is a big downfall to any nation ..there 
is a reward in any work when a tast of work is completed it give the 
worker a sense of worth he or she feels great after havedone work and 
now its”now seem we have failed our children in these 
modern high tech world that we all now live in.. we have communication 
like the cell phones ..internet chat lines and all kinds of high tech 
stuff , but people are so far away from the old down home porch talks 
and how many family actually even eat together at one table. in my 
opinion we are less in communication with each other ...i don,t mean to 
sould so old minded ,,,but something is sure missing these days in 
human and family relationships..i think moral values and good old 
common principles would be a good place to improve this mondern day 
world and get back to the things that made us a great nation ..In God 
we Trust or do we?


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