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the little goose chapel saints (standard:Inspirational stories, 1368 words)
Author: stanley mcqueen kentucky backwoods writerAdded: May 15 2007Views/Reads: 2371/1428Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Preacher Little Lester Bishop win soul for Christ

The Saints of Goose rock 

Little lester Bishop is the good paster of the little goose saints, ever
sunday he stands behind tha pine alter and bring the morning message, 
Lester being of little statue is a tall man conserning the spirtual 
side, but on the natural side he is a runt.. but that don,t matter a 
things how short or tall a man is its what in his heart that counts.. 
Lester opens the big Bible of his and reads some scripture, todays 
message is on the vices that whiskey bring to a man charactor, men who 
drinks the devile brew are taking poison into there mouth, whiskey has 
caused many a man to die and untimely death says Lester as he holds the 
good book in his right short hand... I tell you folks the devile brew 
is smooth going down the  googler. it  rots mens minds and decays the 
soul. he added” it breaks home assunder and bites like a riled rattle 
snake, and makes tears fall from sorrowful hearts of mother and sister 
and brother who loves  ones is given to drink strong drink.. whiskey 
killed my pappy at the age of forty four he was under its influence and 
rode his horse  off  the bluff over at sasser ridge country, mammy 
raised ten of us all by her lonesone she pulled to us, and kept food on 
our table and taught us to fear God, she now sleeps over yander at the 
Bishops burying grown. someday she will hear the lord voice and rise to 
a new life she will be in heaven square for accepting the lord as her 
God...I tell you saint of Goose rock there is a higher power than some 
me reconize,, there is a God that know where a man spit last.. there is 
a God who can lift broken spirits up that they might glory in the lord 
... who is amoung us this morning that is not amoung the brotherhood of 
Christ...who is here that needs God ? where can a man find rest for his 
weary soul? what is the weight that burdens man heart?  what can lift 
men up and humble men hearts he asked? is it strong drink ? is it wine 
woman and song? is it wealth that bring men to peace? what is it that 
settles men to peace i ask you saints of  little goose chapel 
church..the good saint shout a return its the lord God that make peace 
in men hearts and amens was heared all over the house... i new a man 
who was drunk and was struck by summer lighting and killed say preacher 
lester... where is man in the eyes of God ?can a man walk streaght on 
his carnal legs without falling he asked? can a man live like a dog and 
not get fed without the lord being mercyful...i have seen the evil of 
men hearts i have heared his swareing i have seen his sad end says “ 
preacher lester” rise up and take the path of the lord ... rise up and 
live the good life ...rise up  weary soul and come and drink from the 
fountain of the almighty there trouble on your every side ? is 
there a faint of heart amoung us today  lester asked? once a man said 
to me where is the hell that you preach about that a man might go to 
after he die? my answer was quick hear o man the sound of the voice of  
God that  tells men to shun the fires of hell .. run to the lord with 
all your speed turn from you wicked ways and come and know the lord and 
find rest for your damned soul, that you might not be thrown into the 
pit of everlasting torment...lift you eyes to the cross see the blood 
that dripped down from the bleeding side of Jesus christ .. take a look 
at the cross what do you see? do you see love do you see suffering ? 
what does fill you mind at these words of the good book...if a man deny 
that Jesus Christ is not the son of the living God where does he stand 
in life journey..does he not die as a lost unbeliving soul ..does he 
choise this for his soul? does he make scorn toward God and that God 
face may not point ever toward him to find mercy....if a man have great 
riches in worldy things and deny the lord is he rich ? can riches open 
blinded eyes..can riches solve man problems rev Lester asked? never 
never shouts the goose rock saints never .... amen is the 
Gospel like a grubbing sprouting hoe? what does a man do when he hoes 
or plows he uproots the weeds and kills them with the plow or chopping 
hoe.. God word plows threw men hearts and kills the bad in his thoughts 
and thinking, yes i tell you saints God word is like a turning plow it 
uproots sin and kill it out from men souls...if i could i save you that 
are here lost...if i could i'd deliver you from the bondage of old slew 
foot. if i could i die that you might live unto Christ just a 
little short preacher... my looks are funny men look down there noses 
at me and my Bible hate me for preaching to them the truth..but 
you know saints that God has no man in respect of his person. did you 
know that the comman man is no better than the uncommom, that all men 
are love by the lord and all men are invited to come and take of the 
water of life freely without you know now where peace of mind 
comes from or have you turned aside to go in your own ways...does a 
infant walk on his first day of life? does he not depend on his mother 
for milk can he eat tough meat? does he cry for food? just like the 
saints here at little Goose that surround this alter before God do they 

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