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Faith and Hope (standard:Inspirational stories, 794 words)
Author: stanley mcqueen kentucky backwoods writerAdded: May 17 2007Views/Reads: 2237/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This great country of ours was founded on in God we trust..

Faith and hope kentucky backwood writer Stanley Mcqueen 

when a soul has died the tears of bitter grief fall from sadden eyes,,
what is in man that causes him to lose hope when God has said be of 
good cheer. from sorrowful hearts fall tears from eyes of 
compassion.where do tears come from? the clouding of the soul weeping spring rain does come , tears fall like rain to the earth. God 
word says plain that he will wipe away the tears off men eyes someday 
and they will be no death or pain or dieing..would God lie? would God 
not keep his word to men that he has promised ? nay i say God don,t 
forget his vows to men...but men are soon to brake their vows to 
God...there is a sickness called greed ...there is a sickness called 
pride...what is the remedy for these two ills? God can heal the wantful 
greed of men...he touches the heart of men with spiritual love...he 
seeks to save men from the firey tourch of hells grip...Did you not 
know that God mercy reaches to the lowest reigons you not know 
that God desires to win your love...the goodness of God leads men to 
know many times has he been so good to you and you never even 
give him and earnest thanks? Those that scorn and moke God will be 
brought before the throne of judgment to give and account of their evil 
deeds.and   the  darnkness of their sin will be revealed and 
judged...why does the clay hate the potter who formed it ? Did you not 
know that man was made from clay dirt.....where is goodness and peace 
sought? in a saloon of strong drink? in the house of the harlot? in the 
hell holes of the world ? does any of these mentioned lead men to fine 
rest for their souls ...? when a man walks in darnkness he will fall 
down to his own hurt? I look to the mountains of green and i see God 
handy work... i hear the sound of the wild bird and am reminded of God 
presents.. does he not feed the sparrow who is a little bird of the 
field? does he not hear the crys of the needy of hearts? God looks upon 
the hearts of men not their faces....will religion get a man to the 
throne of God? will rituals please the almighty Father God? oh man that 
seeks worldy pleasures how soon will they past and the end come 
...death seem so final and the grave so cold, when the windows of men 
sight are closed in death its too late to seek God then....come oh man  
pleas the lord God forsake your evil ways and come to the grace of God 
that you might find perfect rest unto your souls...Did not God form the 
ear for hearing his word? did he not supply the perfect sacrifice for 
mans vile wicked sinful hearts, ...he give his only begotten son Jesus 
christ as ransom from all mens sins...did this not prove how much he 
loves your soul? he eat of the bitterness of men sins, he took upon 
himself the form of man ,,,and was tempted in all areas that men are 
tempted..he bore man sorrows ,,he carried the trangression of all men 
on his was not the spikes that held him errect on the 
cross ... it was his love for God and mankind that held him in 
place....he was a man of sorrows and greif...he told man that he would 
go away and prepare a place for man and that he would return to recieve 
man unto himself...what better promise is there than eternal life? seek 
to know Jesus  Christ seek to please him and love him and cherious him 
that you might have true and everlasting peace and joy for of the terriable fact of men wrongs is that he neglects 
his own soul and soon dies and end up in and eternal hell ,that was 
never prepared for him in the first place. hell was made for the devile 
and his angles that followed him in the rebellion against God in 
heaven....Old slew foot is a short timer he goes about the earth 
knowing that eventually he will be cast into the eternal fires of 
hell.. how about you oh man how do you stand today in the eyes of the 
almighty? has your sins been cleansed and purged, is your heart been 
converted , either you have hope or hopelessness...neglect will send 
more people to hell than any other shall we excape is we 
neglect the gift of grace that God has supplied for all men to find 
forgivness and peace and joy? 


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