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what do you believe (standard:Inspirational stories, 659 words)
Author: stanley mcqueen kentucky backwoods writerAdded: May 17 2007Views/Reads: 2241/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
thoughts on creation

what do you believe? the road of life is a journey taken to all that
lives  to be born, the God of heaven formed us all to his liking and we 
cannot change our statue, our mind our filled with many thoughts down 
there our life spans and we are more apt to be more unfruitful than has an indwelling mean streak which is passed down from 
the first two eartly parent of all man kind, inside each of us  lives a 
corrupted nature, we are sinner at the age of acountablity, when we are 
 old enough  we can desern  right from wrong the carnal flesh adores, 
sin is the downfall of the earth sin has brought sorrows and pain down 
there the ages of time...we sometime wonder how can we be so crule in 
our relatioshipduring our lives ,,we are selfish and sometime greedy 
and to to be honest there is times each of our lives that we are not 
fit to be around other human being. these sinful  ways are hard to 
shake and man sometimes try  to correct hisself without seeking help 
for himself threw God...ritual and religion will in no wise get person 
into heaven,, the Bible says plain as day that a man has to be born 
again of God spirit, now sir or madam there is no way around 
that...what god word says it means. we are commanded to not alter or 
change God word,, we don,t have that right and when it is alltered the 
one that altered it is is real trouble...reading the word we must 
understand what we are being told from the word , what is the word 
saying we must asked ourselves.. many in todays world don.t believe in 
God and they reguard the Bible is just a book of fairy tales , these 
cannot be helped they refuse to believe  anything about God and think 
of the Bible is a book of trash that was written by a bunch of my opinion they have sealed there fate to a devile hell and 
will be put there at the end of their lives... God don.t force man to 
believe in anything , he give man a free will to choise to his liking , 
so don,.t worry lest you have and unbleieving heart. now i know that 
people who believe in God cannot convince those that don.t to believe 
at least in most cases the believer cannot change the heart of the 
unbeliever..the point is this everone sees things for what their hearts 
convictions say to them... most people who are Atheist have many reason 
why they don,t think God is real ..well one things we must all admit 
that this earth just didn.t happen without a master creator ,,, it 
don,t take the mind of a moron to see that,,, every element that 
substains life is here on earth is here oxygen to for breathing, season 
of planting and harvest , everthing is in perfect order, as was planned 
by the master Creator the lord almighty God...we that believe have more 
evidence that God is that those that say God isn,t.. they work hard to 
prove there is no God and we are totally convince byour own mind and 
hearts that there is certainly a God who made all things as he would 
fashion it is everyone right to have their opinions, but as 
far as im consering  im satified that God is real , the Bible quotes 
that God is Describe as love... and im positive that love is real as 
well as God ,.. we know that evil is real as well and comesfrom the 
devile workshop...people are apt to moke God to their own hurt ..they 
can cuss God and  hate those that believe in him but they cannot change 
our minds and convictions that our God is real... now you choise what 
you want but for myself i chose God....


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