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The Motive (standard:Suspense, 3719 words)
Author: LoriAdded: May 20 2007Views/Reads: 3743/1922Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is a story about Lizzie Borden and the murder of her parents. Thanks TC for all the help. You made a good story into something great, in my opinion.

The Motive 

By: Lori 

We all know the story of Lizzie Borden. Did she really kill her parents?
What was the motive? This is my opinion on it. Again, thanks to TC for 
your vision of this one. Without you, this story wouldn't be as good as 
it is! I owe you big time, buddy :-)! 

We've all heard the nursery rhyme “Lizzie Borden took an axe and gave
her mother forty whacks. And when she saw what she had done.  She gave 
her father forty-one.” We know that she was found not guilty. But, what 
really happened that day on August 4, 1892? 

A stifling heat had settled on Fall River, Massachusetts on the day
Lizzie Borden had chosen to reveal a dark secret she could no long 

“Father, can I talk to you?” Lizzie asks tentatively. She was sure of
herself, but couldn't help being nervous. 

“What is it, Lizzie?” Andrew Borden questions his youngest daughter. “Do
you want me to pick up something for you when I go to town?” 

“No, Father.” Lizzie looks over at Abby, her stepmother. “Mrs. Borden,”
Lizzie doesn't like to call Abby Mother. “can you sit down with 

“Is it serious?” Abby inquires of Lizzie. She doesn't like the look on
Lizzie's face. It is a sign that trouble was ahead. That could mean 
anything when it comes to Lizzie. Lizzie liked to get her father riled 
to see if she could make him have a heart attack and die. 

“Yes, I'm afraid it is.” Lizzie looks back at her father. She adores him
even if he wouldn't pay to have the new fangled telephone line 
installed. Everyone who is anyone in town has one. It's bad enough they 
can't live in the upper class neighborhood like her friends do. But, 
it's so unfair of him to deny her the new invention. She hates her 
father as much as she loves him. It's his fault the family lives this 
way, even though they have the money to live better. 

“What is it Lizzie?” Her father asks. “Do you not feel well?” He and
Abby hadn't felt good last night. Abby almost called the doctor to make 
a house call. But, Mr. Borden wouldn't hear of it. He hated the family 
doctor: thought he was a quack. He couldn't understand why people would 
pay good money on something that would, if left alone, take care of 
itself in time. 

“No, Father. I feel fine.” Lizzie sits down at the table. “I wanted to
tell you something. It's something that you aren't going to like 
hearing. But, I can't live this lie anymore.” Lizzie is beginning to 
lose patience from the waiting. 

“What is it, Lizzie?” Abby oppugns with traces of fear in her voice.
Lizzie likes to be dramatic. She liked to argue over the smallest 
things to cause unrest to her father. Last week they fought over Andrew 
giving away the girls' summer house. Abby feared this was going to be 
much worse. 

“I'm trying to think of a way to tell you.” Lizzie demands in a ton of
voice that borders on hysteria and despair. Lizzie wants her father to 
think she cares what he thinks. She has a plan and isn't going to be 
rushed into anything. This is her moment to shine, and she is going to 
enjoy it. 

“Just say it, Daughter.” Andrew tells his daughter. He only calls her
Daughter when he's losing patience with her. 

Andrew looks at his daughter with that special look in his eyes. Lizzie
knows it's time to let the axe fall. It's time to tell her father 
something that would make him furious. Lizzie couldn't wait to see the 
look on his face. If he had a heart attack now, it would ruin things. 
She takes a deep breath. 

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