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Looking at You (standard:Inspirational stories, 764 words)
Author: stanley mcqueen kentucky backwoods writerAdded: May 21 2007Views/Reads: 2328/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
this story is to be read by those that believe in God.. is is from my heart that i have written this that it might help bring to light the effect of love on human hearts,,

Looking at you 

The question is this if we took you and put you on trial to see what
kind of person you really are ..what kind of results would we get my 
fully taking a good look at your charactor..would we descover a careing 
person.? or a hateful self centered person? what would be in your favor 
as being a member of the world be real honest all of us 
could use some good qualities added to our nature.. each day of our 
lives is like a book and the book is read by the people we come in 
contact with,..the desire to be like God would have a man or woman to 
be great and it would mold us into the charactor that makes differences 
in other people lives.. if you go to a church seeking to learn about 
and worship God and ever one at church appears to be dull and 
unfriendly and uncareing...would you be apt to go back to such a 
unfriendly place...God want us all to be careing and humble , and 
forgiving one another. he forgives us for our sins , and we should be 
more than willing to do likewise..being just like God want us to be can 
be acheived threw much prayer and obeying the word of the lord God. God 
is quoted as being love.. lets take a look at love ...what is the 
attributes of love.. love never fails. love brings peace and well being 
to any heart that it enters...all of us suffer from some kind of inward 
faults.. we might not want to accept this but it true...wouldn,t it be 
a good thing for each of us to work on our worldy faults. and ask the 
lord to help us resolve these bad qualities...what do people seek in 
todays modern times? do they seek wealth that often bring along with it 
sadness and heart breaks. greed often causeing people to kill because 
of the strong desire to achieve moneys.. wives have killed husband to 
get there money and spend it with another lover they have found.. evil 
is a terriable thing that crawls inside people hearts and set up many 
deadly plots to get what the person desires.... money is soon gone and 
spent and them sorrow come afterwards,, which would be better money 
without a single true friends. or no money and lot of true friends.. we 
should never judge people for there worth in money... God looks on the 
heart of men and woman not their bank account statement...if any 
logical person would confess their faults to God and ask for his help 
conserning this the help would be given, because God wants all of us to 
have peace and joy and to have our fruits unto good wholesome things..i 
dont write this to our shame i write this because it is alway good to 
take and inventory of ourselves and see what kind of person we are 
inside....did you know that a person can wear a fony mask , pertenting 
to be something they are not for the sake of appearing good to others 
for different reason .. how many times have you took a look at the real does others see you as a person? does people see the real you 
? or do you wear a mask of a fony charactor.....i tell you the main 
thing we should all focus on is being a true hearted friendly person 
that people see ...who wants to wear a fony religious mask .. may i 
remind you that you can fool people ...but God looks on the hearts of 
each of us and the question is what is God seeing? we have many people 
today that regards Christian people as nothing, but a bunch of freaks 
.... I drother have God favor than all the world riches... do you want 
his favor and his love? Jesus christ is the meditor between God and 
man... all they will come and repent of their sin will not be rejected 
by him. he is a loving and holy son of the living is my 
prayer and hope that something i have said from my heart has made a 
differance in you , and has compelled you to be a better person in 
Christ Jesus... he loves you more than i can express with the 
pen....all he wants from each of us is to love him back.......God help 
us all be less like us and more like Jesus Christ name i 
humbley ask.... if you would email me


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