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God will and ways (standard:Editorials, 860 words)
Author: stanley mcqueen kentucky backwoods writerAdded: May 23 2007Views/Reads: 2207/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
short thought on God will and ways

How to you view God? many times as a preacher of the Gospel i have been
scorned and made fun of because i believe in the Almighty God that made 
heaven and earth. The Atheist i have have meet want acknowledge God , 
and they say if there is a God why would he have so much going on in 
the world like sickness and famine and all kinds of things they acuse 
God of being a cosmic bully if he does excist they  questing  things 
like this ,, the question and Atheist ask me was this where was God the 
day that the Gun man killed all the student in virgina? They said  if 
there was a God why did he not stop this killer from intering the 
colledge and keep the killer from killing all those students? how can 
we blame God for what people who have a free will to  kill or not to 
kill...God word says do not kill..can we really ask the maker of all 
things why he didn,t do this or that..? It is as if they want to point 
a finger at God for bad things that happen here on earth.. in my 
opinion God give us all a free will to do what ever we want 
me its his way..he seen the evil going to kill the young virginia why he never struck this evil man dead i don,t know the 
answer to that...we all know that he could have stopped him ...he could 
have blinded him,    when he was walking to kill the students , why God 
did not i have no idea....none of us knows why...but can we blame God 
when we inter and air craft and it crashes because of some strange 
reason..God could stop crime he could blind the crooks that break into 
people homes,but God don.t... if God interfered with all the evil 
things that happen no crimes would happen...., but he don,t operate 
like seems evident that God don.t head off crimes of human 
beings... he could but he don.t ...the law of God are applied to the 
law of states... if you kill someone you will be  tried if eitherby 
prison time or death ...God has attached his law of the holy Bible to 
men law books.. a thief is caught he is punished . it seem that God set 
the rules and man is to carry the rules out to that effect....we can 
ask many questions starting with why God did you do this or didn,t do 
that , but we get no answer...It  seems that The devil has the biggest 
foot hold on the earth and the earth people at present.. the devil is 
called the prince of the earth ...but he is only being allowed to be 
the ruler at present ...the lord God will put him in hell for what he 
has done here to destroy so many souls to the eternal hell he has 
prepared for him....he has doomed and taken so many soul to hell ..with 
lies he puts in people hearts telling them there is no God ...many fall 
for his lies and death comesand they find themselves ended up in hell 
along with the devil..when a person dies the soul leaves the body which 
the body of clay is only the home for the soul of each person. the soul 
ever dies...either  soul accepts God word and repents of the evil the 
person has done and accepts grace which is and undeserved favor from 
God toward man that he can freely have and eternal home in heaven where 
his souls will be given a spirtual body that will never die... there is 
no death more more more more sorrows... for the former things have passed away and 
all things become brand new.. we have seen death and the grave which 
seems so final and cold in the human perspective... the word of God 
says to those that have been washed clean of there sin by jesus Christ 
our lord... oh grave where is thy sting?oh grave where is thy 
victory..?victory is in the lord victory is trusting him and learing to 
obey him and love him from a earnest real heart... you can call me a 
fool and make light of me and my writing about God but you can,t change 
my mind ...God is real God is love... he loves you and wheather you 
want to love him back is your choise alone..i don.t say this in offence 
intended but it just that simple. Evil will be here on earth as long as 
the Adam natured men are here ...sin is  buried it self..but God can 
and will forgive men who what to earnestly depart from their manly 
evils ways..but God don,t force himself on no man ..his word says come 
all you that will unto the water of life and drink from the fountain of 
the lord that you might be saved and become a son of the living 
God...if a man should gain the whole world and lose his own soul what 
would it profit him?


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