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Tomorrow May Come (standard:romance, 5596 words)
Author: Steven LaBriAdded: Jun 26 2007Views/Reads: 2038/1341Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A romantic novel speaking to that place in each of us that seeks inspiration or redemption. The words and the life of Lucas Colby will speak to the heart and mind of anyone that has loved and lost, or loved and lived.


August 1918 

Of the childhood memories Lucas Colby could recall, only one brought him
pleasure. Early one morning he waited in his bed for the sun to peek 
over the horizon. Lucas expected excitement in the day ahead. It was 
the 10th day of August and he was seven years old. His mother said she 
would do something special. Lucas knew money was scarce and asked only 
for his favorite breakfast – a stack of soft warm pancakes dripping in 
soft butter and maple syrup. 

As the rising sun peeked through tattered hand sewn curtains, Lucas
Colby sprung from his bed and scurried toward the kitchen as fast as 
his small legs would carry him. Running up behind his mother, he 
wrapped his arms around her legs. The warmth gave him comfort and her 
dress was soft against his face. Surprised, she smiled, looked down and 

“Good Morning Lucas! Happy birthday!” It was a rare sight to see Martha
Colby smile. She lived a life of solitude and quiet within the confines 
of a home with little laughter. 

She rubbed the head of her only son, smoothing his tousled hair and
said, “Go sit and I will bring you your favorite breakfast.” 

Lucas sat at the kitchen table with anticipation. A small pitcher of
maple syrup, a glass of milk, a fork, and the morning paper in his 
view. Martha Colby placed the newspaper so it would catch the eye of 
her inquisitive son. She knew the headline would attract his attention. 
Lucas saw the large bold print, “Man found dead inside Finley's Trade 
Emporium”. His eyes widened as he reached for the paper. This was an 
unusual event for the small quiet town named after Theodius Finley. He 
was the proprietor of this store, owner of most of the land in the 
county, and landlord of the home where Martha Colby lived. 

“What happened Ma?” 

“A man broke into Finley's during the night,” she said flatly acting as
if uninterested. 

“Can I read the story?” he asked while reaching for the paper. 

In terse response she said, “You won't know much of the words, but go
ahead and try.” Martha Colby knew there would be words he wouldn't 

Lucas pulled the paper towards him, his eyes scanning the bold print.
His actions, reminded Martha of days spent with her husband, Matthew 
Colby -  days talking comfortably, looking forward to their future. 
Lucas reflected his father in so many ways; his looks, his manner, his 
lanky walk. She prayed he would not inherit his father's habits. 

Lucas, bespeaking quiet innocence said, “Ma, Mr. Finley says here the
man was liquored up. What does that mean?” 

Pleased with his question, Martha Colby responded, “It means the damn
fool was drunk. He was drinking whiskey, he found in the store.” 

“It says he shot himself Ma! Why does someone do that?” 

Martha Colby, now more pleased than ever knowing she could now make her
point answered, “Mr. Finley kept a shotgun under the counter and this 
man found it. That is why you should stay away from liquor Lucas. 
Liquor is the devil's drink and this foolish man was so drunk he didn't 
know what he was doing. Anyhow, you've read enough. Give me the paper, 
your breakfast is ready.” 

Lucas pushed the paper to the side as his mother slid the warm pancakes
onto a large plate and placed them before her hungry son. The curious 
boy wanted to know more, but Martha Colby was replete with 
satisfaction. “Drinkin' is the work of the devil,” she would recur  - a 
constant reminder of the sins and temptations ahead of Lucas Colby. 

Lucas had just finished his breakfast when he heard a loud knock at the

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