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Conservation of Supernatural Resources - Revised (standard:horror, 1534 words)
Author: Scott HAdded: Jul 10 2007Views/Reads: 1840/1075Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Vampires, govt agency stuff, and some good old fashioned betrayal. This is a completely revised version from the original. I hope you like this one even more.

In my mind Blood drops Looked like roses On white lace 

Alice Cooper 

Conservation of Supernatural Resources 

It would be just a matter of time. They had been staking him out for
three nights, and up until now, had witnessed little activity within 
the small cottage. 

If what they had heard from the informant had been correct, tonight's
full moon would bring him out of the house. From the information 
already gathered it looked like they were dealing with a 
Traditionalist. Traditionalists were usually older and kept their 
feeding in line with the moon cycles. They were more of the eccentric 
“Count Dracula” types one would typically find in old black and white 
horror movies. They had power, position, and in most cases, a great 
deal of pride. The Moderns on the other hand, were polar opposites of 
the Traditionalists. The Moderns fed almost nightly and had little 
respect for human life. Power, pride, and position were not part of the 
Moderns' vocabulary. They killed and fed without discretion, their 
carelessness often led to the deaths of both humans and nocturnes. One 
thing was for certain; the Traditionalists had no love for the Moderns. 
They considered them an embarrassment to their kind and would do 
whatever possible to see them exterminated. 

The centuries old war between the two groups heated up gradually as
technology made the world smaller. In 2009 the president had ordered 
the creation of the TriCorps to combat the rise of the nocturnes and 
their rival Lycanthropes – also known as werewolves – who had created 
their own problems. The TriCorps were initially set up to hunt and 
destroy the supernatural axis. Historically humans have always 
destroyed what they do not understand and their approach to the 
supernatural was no different. In 2013 the TriCorps records were made 
public, later that year the Supernatural Resource Act was passed which 
banned the outright extermination of vampires and werewolves. Every 
incident was investigated thoroughly and only selectively trained 
individuals were allowed to execute. Execution was only allowed when it 
had been determined that a crime had been committed which warranted the 
finality of this type of punishment. 

During the day, only one agent had been assigned to the house. During
the night time hours, headquarters had ordered out three field agents 
to gather intelligence. Kenny knew what to do if their suspicions were 
correct. A Combat and Special Ops Enforcer, CSOE, would be called in to 
execute. Kenny's team was Field Intelligence Agents, here to only 
gather information, execute some routine surveillance, and little else. 
His team, with the exception of Reny, was quite talented but definitely 
not trained, nor ready to be trained, to Chase or Execute. Kenny had 
spent 25 years as a Combat and Special Ops Chaser but the last four he 
spent in FIA due to a near fatal injury that cost him part of his right 

FIA were typically rookies. They did their sixteen months in the field
then went on to Combat and Special Ops training. Kenny had requested to 
be placed in the Intelligence Unit after his arm injury. He would be 
useless as a Chaser and retirement, at this point, was only a couple of 
months away. 

“I'm getting some movement on infra red captain. Switching off radio
communications. Going to CODE.” Reny, the youngest IO on the team, had 
followed protocol to the letter. These animals could pick up the sound 
of your voice and your scent from nearly a half a mile away. CODE was 
taught at the academy. Every agent is taught to type CODE into a small 
keyboard with amazing speed and accuracy. The device is wrist mounted 
and is powered by body heat. Body heat has to register between 96 and 
100 degrees Fahrenheit to operate. This prevents the Nocturnes from 
being able to sabotage an operative by getting their hands on the 

The fact that infrared had detected body heat was interesting
considering they were investigating a report of Nocturnes Ecirena not a 
Lycanthrope. “What's the Seizmo giving us on movement”, Kenny's 
artificial hand typed almost as good as the real thing “Same thing 
captain, just showing one subject, body heat of 99 degrees and typical 

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