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life (standard:Inspirational stories, 699 words)
Author: stanley mcqueen kentucky backwoods writerAdded: Jul 18 2007Views/Reads: 2223/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
some thought on each of our lifes and the charactor we all are in earnest hearts and minds

Written By Backwood writer Stanley Mcqueen 

Life sometimes it just and real good idea to set down and take and
inventory of ones life.. Very few people these day would dare and do 
such a thing, the problem is when we do take and inventory of 
ourselves, we often find many areas that we are lacking in and this 
makes us sort of discouraged . It is evident that the world was created 
for man by the lord God almighty. Many refuse to believe in a God that 
they have seen with the eye.. Here is and important question.. How does 
others see you as a person ? What kind of character are you really.? 
What is inside of you mind and heart that would be pleasing to God and 
people around you in general, question do you really care what people 
are seeing in you? Or are  you on of those person that would day I 
don't care what they see? Ask yourself this question what am I ? Am I a 
person that if examined before peers would they find something in you 
that would be desirable, or would they see a person that is 
self-centered and proud? You might say to yourself why should I care in 
the first is so good reason why you should care. First off 
people are like a book in some ways . Someone is reading your life by 
your actions and deeds , someone is seeing your outward character and 
they are analyzing you from within your character.. Here is and old 
proverb..if you don't stand for something you will fall for 
anything...question is this what do you want people to see when they 
are seeing you in character and personality ?most of my life has been 
mostly a wrench.. I have failed so many time to be the person that I 
know I should be.. I admit his honestly .. It seem so hard to reach 
down in the inter person and pull the carnal person from the evils of 
the flesh, Without a close relationship with God this is simply 
impossible....any normal thinking person if they would be honest would 
surely say I could be a better person and also say I would like to be 
to that end.. Believe it or not a person attitude is real important on 
how we live and do in life, a positive attitude is best in any 
situation... it just that simply and not trying to seem like 
a know it all . Im just digging into the deep part of being a live 
breathing character with a good outlook and a good perspective on life 
... what is the formula for a good life? God living in the heart of 
person would be the answer to that question for sure.. Im not trying to 
convert you to being a Christian and God convictions would be to that 
end for you, God draws men to him with the holy ghost convictions.. If 
a man don't see himself as a sinner how in the world could he be 
converted to God way and commandments..? I meet many people who scorn 
and make light of the holy God and they tear down the God who born them 
in the world in their mother womb. They are what the word of God calls 
scorners and mockers , they have said in there hearts there is no God 
and no hereafter.. They live for only the temporal things in live and 
they feel that death is the end period.. I do not agree with them and I 
will stand on God word to be the answer for all of life problem 
is to my hope that if you have read this that you will meditate on the 
subject of .   What is inside us as being human beings..? how should we 
live our lives before others? And what is inside the heart and soul of 
each of us and different people? What should we strive to be in life 
according to character and deeds before others? If you have any 
suggestion or comments on this article I wrote email me at


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