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something to think about the cross (standard:Inspirational stories, 652 words)
Author: stanley mcqueen kentucky backwoods writerAdded: Jul 26 2007Views/Reads: 2159/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
love they neigbor God commands us all..


The Cross 

As I write this today my mind goes back to the cross where the lord
Jesus Christ was hung and where our sins was laid upon his divine 
shoulders. Then I asked myself this question how could he have done 
this loving deed toward men who cursed his name .. The word of God 
says” he become sin for us ..he took upon himself the burden of man 
sins” we could never know the grief he suffered , we could never really 
understand this in the human perspective, we asked ourselves knowing 
our hearts and the wicked things that lays inside of each of us as 
human being, how lord could you love a person like me ? How can you 
forgive such a vile wicked heart ? He was a man of sorrows as the Bible 
explained in details” he was made fun of mocked scorned but he still 
loved man and wanted man to be free from the burden of sins..these days 
and times people say I don't believe in God or Jesus Christ many are 
Atheist haters of God and the people of God...they have taken upon 
themselves the unbelief , for when they was told of God they believed 
not. It a choice that each person must make...the scripture concludes 
if a man believes not he is condemned already, and we cannot add or 
take away from the Holy Bible” asked yourself this question how do I 
stand with God? Do I love him as he asked us all to do? Do I believe? 
Do I fear him in a sense that I should do his will not by force but by 
earnest hearts? Where do you want to go after death? To the throne of a 
Holy God or the dooms of Satan hell.? You might read this and call it 
rubbish .. Or you might take it as a message from God, which way will 
you take this message? Thinks about what kind of person you truly are 
see yourself in earnest....I asked you humbly today to answer this to 
yourself in truth and earnestly...  How can man hate a loving forgiving 
God.. A gracious God full of mercy... meaning up to the top....some men 
seek fame and money and society standing.. Leaving God out of there 
lives completely....some seek pleasures ...some seek for there fleshly 
lust to quenched...some people care for nothing not even there souls, 
none of us deserve anything.... we have all sinned and come short of 
the glory of God... that sums each of us up ... if a man don't see 
himself as a sinner and come to know that as a fact of his life 
can that man ever be saved and born again of a Godly spirit and 
purified of his sins”? If you reading this it is because God will you 
to find it and read it is a message to you if that be the case....would 
you be so kind to email me at that we might be friends 
in Jesus Christ and that we might grow in the lord spirit and find 
peace and God will for our lives .. Im a simple country man with 
limited knowledge on a lot of subjects .. But   I can tell you the 
truth God is real and he does love you and wants the best for all who 
will love him and accept his will for their lives... it is my hope that 
this message has made you think and helped you in someway to being just 
like God want us all to be and that is loving our neighbors as we love is a four letter word but is what holds the world in 
tack as we speak.....God help me to help others and love my fellow man 


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