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Where is your Faith? (standard:Inspirational stories, 766 words)
Author: stanley mcqueen kentucky backwoods writerAdded: Jul 28 2007Views/Reads: 2623/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)

Where is your Faith? 

Jesus Christ as this question during a storm when he was in the bottom
of a boat , the seamen on the bow of the boat begin to fear and they 
awaken him because the storm was fierce..Jesus seen their fear and seen 
that they were afraid that they was going to be browned in the sea...he 
immediately asked them point blank this serious and blunt 
question...where is your faith? Today I asked this same question to you 
..where is your faith? Is it in what some science book that taught you 
about evolution .or is your faith in some religious order that don”t 
have Jesus Christ in its teaching.. Is your faith in you and your 
strength thinking you can handle all the things of life that come you 
way..some people put a lot of stock in material things and that where 
they plant their faith. Money as the old saying makes the world go and the love of money has sent many a soul to the kettles 
of hell.. Men die for the want of money they rob banks and do all kinds 
of scams to get money anyway and any  how.. Then we have people who put 
their faith in society they love the honor of setting in high places 
and to be esteemed by men ..some men put their faith in drugs and 
drinks they do this to escape the reality of feeling normal.. They 
cannot function as being normal in feeling they want that high so they 
can escape reality , many lies have been spread about creation and some 
claim that there is no God and that all the earth substances just come 
to be on it own... ask yourself this does this seem true knowing that 
everything in nature is so well balanced the season the atmosphere the 
climate that sustains life .. God made is evident and 
should be easy believed , because we see his creations every day we 
live in it.. So why should we not believe the truths about God creating 
every thing that is now ..Old Satan is quoted as being a liar that 
don”t abide in the truth.. Satan would want you to believe that there 
is no a God... you can believe this Satan  believes God and 
trembles...he was made a perfect angle with a free will just like each 
of us have to o and think on his own.. He chose to over power God and 
take over God place.. He was lifted up in pride within himself , and 
decided that he would rebel against his creator.. Like a lot of us 
people do sometime we want to do as we would will and sometimes we too 
are lifted up in pride and fall flat on our face.. Satan as you 
probably know had some other angles that followed his quest to over 
throw God .. And there was war in heaven and the devil and his angles 
was cast out of heaven because of their sinful deeds against God .. 
Every aspect of you was made by God he gave you life in your mother 
womb he give you ears to hear and eyes to see and a heart to believe in 
him is you will.. Now I asked you this blunt question again where is 
your faith today as you read this article ?  If any faith is outside of 
God it is vein faith .. Nothing but God can give you peace and a good 
pure kind and caring heart..I begg you my friend if you read this and 
you are and atheist would you please consider these truth and allow God 
to be acknowledge inside your heart.. It's a matter of life and death 
for ever soul of man that they put their faith in God I conclude 
with this earnest question....where is your faith ? Is it in God? or 
you have no faith in nothing? I'm just a ragged old country preacher 
from Kentucky born in the ridges and my education is not so great but 
im convince that a man should put his faith in God . I have written 
this that you might believe and that your life might be change and your 
heart be purified by the holy shed blood of Jesus Christ.. Faith comes 
by hearing and hearing by the word of God... how shall we escape if we 
neglect so great of salvation? I beg you open up you heart and let the 
love of God come in... backwood writer Stanley Mcqueen


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