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Love Thy Neigbor as you love you self (standard:Inspirational stories, 606 words)
Author: stanley mcqueen kentucky backwoods writerAdded: Jul 31 2007Views/Reads: 2888/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
spirtual content

Written by Stanley Mcqueen 

Love Thy Neighbor 

A person might say this how could I love my neighbor when I don't ever
know my neighbor.. One of the hardest things to do is to love someone 
that don”t love you. People today in this modern world of fast pace 
stressful living .are caught up in only themselves and they could care 
less about loving anyone or having anything to do with anyone let alone 
loving someone they don't even know, if a man love his neighbor he will 
bring no harm to his neighbor but he will love his neighbor as he loves 
himself.. God word tell men to love each other and the be kind and 
considerate and caring .. Jesus Christ told his first followers the 
apostles these words as I have loved you he quotes you should as well 
love one another.. Love is something that always works it does not seek 
it own and is never puffed up with anger.. Love forgives , love is 
something that if the whole world practiced there would be no wars and 
strife among nations and men.. Love is a powerful wonderful thing , 
that set men apart from being forgives to the uttermost.. 
Love had no vengeance, love will  heap fires of coals on the enemy head 
.. Love gets the job done.. Perfect love cast out all fear .. If you 
are reading this ask yourself this question I really know what 
love is? Do I have the love of God applied to my heart?  If the 
question is no from your heart .. Let me tell you where you can find 
love and peace in your heart.. First step you must acknowledge that you 
are a sinner .. Second step you must believe that God is .. And accept 
his son Jesus Christ that he sent to earth to take the sins of mankind 
upon himself and was a sacrifice on a cruel cross to become the 
forgiver of all men sins..people can believe what they want to believe 
and accept a lie and go to a eternal hell and spend endless ages simply 
because they refused to accept the truth.. Do you want your soul to end 
up in a place of torments a place that was not made for you in the 
first place..hell was prepared for Satan and the fallen angles, Satan 
is doomed already he know that in the end times he will be thrown into 
a literal  hell,   now of you chose to no accept God plan of salvation 
you will be subject to end up In hell , God made his own plan for man 
to escape hell .. There is no excuse for anyone who chooses not to 
believe in God and accept God forgiveness unto salvation .. If a man 
goes to hell it will be to his own fate...I don't write this article 
for naught I write this that someone might read it and come to know 
Christ and that they might repent and become pure and holy and forgiven 
and that one might read this and escape the eternal hell that awaited 
men who don't accept God word and God forgiveness.. Last blunt questing 
how do you stand with God to you know him are you trusting his son 
Jesus Christ as you personal savior... I gain nothing if someone is not 
woke up to the truth because of this message prayer for this 
message that the drawing power of God might convict who ever read this 
and they might repent of their sin and be saved... thanks for 


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