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questions of the heart .. (standard:Inspirational stories, 368 words)
Author: stanley mcqueen kentucky backwoods writerAdded: Jul 31 2007Views/Reads: 2211/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
spirtual content

Questions of the Heart... 

How could my heart be conformed to the heart of our lord Jesus? Can a
man be so near to God that the world don't matter no more...could all 
my troubles be given to the lord that my cares be none? Could my heart 
be filled with love ever moment I live and breath the earthly air? 
Could I stand as and honorable Christian not to be seen as a proud man 
but a Godly man not of this world lust? Could I kneel at the bed of a 
sick friend and pray that God will heal my sick friend? Could I always 
see others needs instead of my own and pray to their end and not mine 
?Could I love my enemy as you love your enemies dear lord ?   Could my 
bitter heart be made sweet with thy Holy spirit that God gives all men 
who asked for it freely ? Could I talk to you lord at any given hour 
and pray for things that my life needs ? Could I tell others about your 
love for them that I might win souls for Jesus Christ heavenly kingdom? 
Oh lord tell me what I can do to have a heart like unto your heart oh 
lord Jesus Christ? Take my heart lord and use my life that I might lead 
others to know your love and your mercy and forgiveness.. Make me like 
the potter does the clay and form me to be yours lord threw and 
threw...let me sing the songs of grace in thy house.. Let me lift my 
hands to the holy and pure and loving God and only true God .. Let 
shame never find me that I have failed to keep thy commandants.. Help 
me lord to do all the above task in earnest and in truth ...I pray for 
this to be read and help some bother and sister to think what we all 
should  desire to be in Christ.. Knowing already that my prayer will be 
fully answered   ..I ask a special blessing for any brother or sister 
in Christ that read this that they may have Gods full blessing applied 
to each


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