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mountain writer crude stories (standard:Editorials, 340 words)
Author: stanley mcqueen kentucky backwoods writerAdded: Aug 02 2007Views/Reads: 2337/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)

To the   Readers those that have read my backwoods stories and have
enjoyed my crude sentences and mud hole type descriptions of places and 
characters .. I want to thanks you readers for putting up with the 
likes of me and old ragged mountain preacher and crude writer as you 
all know well by is thanks from my heart and being able take 
you with me in my little yarns and backwood themes , some of my stories 
are just silly enough to be sort of good.. Being crude isn't so bad if 
you have company while being so.. I have written since I was ten years 
old , thousands of stories down threw the years.. I was published in a 
advertisement magazine that was called the horse connection and I wrote 
a short stories for them for about a year or more and they edited them 
for publication and they believe it or not turned out quiet swell after 
the editor worked on my bad mistakes ..I just want all of you to know 
that I do love pleasing my readers and making them smile at my stories 
and backwood yarns.. Always recall when you read my stories that im not 
no where near a gifted writer .. But just and old man now who love the 
stories of old days and times .something in my heart just wanted me to 
write this to say thanks for reading my stories and if you have give a 
good comment on one of them thanks so much for it..  I guess those that 
read my stories become a little a kin to me , and they get inside my 
mind and stories and sort of see me as I really am .. A simple old 56 
year old Kentucky boy in heart and mind...  I love my God the maker of 
simple men as my self and these beautiful ridges to which I call my 
own...just wanted you all to know im thankful to you all ....Backwoods 
writer Stanley Mcqueen


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