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The Man I Love (standard:Flash, 1011 words)
Author: LoriAdded: Aug 14 2007Views/Reads: 2209/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
“Thinking outside the box.....Choose someone from the group, or someone you know, DO NOT use their name. Write for 20 minutes only, Describe them, physically and emotionally, write about who you think they are in their real self. Be descriptive. Write fro

The Man I Love 

By: Lori 

This is in response to a prompt I got from a writing group. I laid out
the prompt in the story description. Can you do the same thing? I would 
love to see your stories on here from it. You can't edit, it's 

How to describe someone you love with your whole heart and you only have
twenty minutes to do it in is unrealistic. The reasons could go on for 
a lifetime and still not be enough to express the gratitude you feel 
for someone. But, I'm on a deadline here so let's get with it. 

The man I love is an ordinary man to most. He's six feet tall,
supposedly but we debate on this because I'm five feet eight and 3/4 
and we stand almost eye to eye ;-). He's overweight, but that's only to 
hide the deep pain inflicted by his brother as a child. His hair is 
getting more gray with each passing day and I love to see it change 
colors. It used to be so black when we first got together. But, to know 
it's my loving devotion which turns it gray, she laughs at the inside 
joke, make it a treasure to see. His eyes aren't blue, and not green, 
more a gray color when you mix them together. They light up when I come 
in the room and dim when I piss him off ;-). They heat to a sea green 
when he's in a loving mood and wants me to know I'm the love of his 

He wasn't the man I thought it was, wasn't even the man I was looking
for when I found him. We met in an unusual place, a strip club. I went 
with some friends to see what it was like. I had never been, my parents 
would have killed me :-). He was the bartender. I didn't pay much 
attention to him that first night. I was waiting for my date to show 
up. Turns out he was arrested for drinking and driving. I think I was 
saved that night from a lifetime of misery. The man I was supposed to 
meet is now in jail for about 10 more years. While I'm living the life 
I've dreamed of living. 

I came back to the bar, with the same friends, a couple more times. If
you're a single woman that's the best place to meet guys. They show 
their true colors when they're surrounded by a bar full of half naked 
women ;-). If they're smooth, approach them to see how it goes. If 
they're wild, leave them alone because nine times out of ten they have 
a wife and kids at home they're trying to escape from. 

My man was calm and cool. He had been working there for about three
months and was used to the women. It's not his thing anyways, it was a 
job and he was good at it. The man knows just about every drink under 
the sun. He knows how to make it stiff if that's your taste and he 
knows how to back off without you noticing if you've had too much of a 
good time. He knows how to make a rowdy man calm down and think before 
he throws the punch he wants to throw. And he knows how to slam sense 
into the ones who don't calm down. All with a smile on his face and 
laughter in his eyes. 

I started going out with him on a dare, almost. My friend said if I
dated him we could get free drinks. I did, she didn't :-). I didn't 
love him at first, but by the end of the week I did. We were engaged 
six days after we met, moved in together by the end of the month and 
were married two and a half months later. 

I've looked back a time or two. Been in trouble a time or two too. I
almost lost a good thing about five years ago. I fell in love with 
another man I met online. I thought the pasture would be greener on the 
other side. It wasn't, but it cost me my pride and dignity and almost 
my life. 

The man I love sit beside my bed, as I was stoned from the drugs I used
in an attempt to kill myself, while I cried out another man's name. Did 
he give up on me? NO! And I'm so glad he didn't. I love him more for 
it. He's taught me something no one else has. He's taught me it's okay 
to love myself and him. He's taught me I have to do the first before I 
can do the second. He's made me a better person and I'm grateful to him 
for that. He's made me a better mother, because I've been able to stay 
at home and watch my children grow up. He's taught me it's okay to be 
who I am and what I am. I'm still going to be loved for it. He's taught 
me I can do anything to him, hurt him in any way, and he's still going 
to love me. I couldn't ask for more than that. 

I still have three more minutes and could go on and on, but I won't. I
think I've said enough about the man I love. For he's more than I could 
have dreamed of and I pray he's the only one who will ever love me like 
this. He's the only one I want now. He's my everything, my savior, my 
angel in disguise, my beacon of hope, and my eternal love. He's the 
other half of me. I couldn't be who I am today without him. I couldn't 
be the person who's happy and joyful without his love. I couldn't be 
his wife without his understanding. I couldn't be my children's mother 
without his support. I couldn't be the daughter or the sister without 
his guiding touch. 

Copyright 2007 by Lori


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