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Narcissistic Fairy Folk (standard:fairy tales, 1832 words)
Author: Jimmy MasonAdded: Aug 25 2007Views/Reads: 2343/1225Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A fairy tale of the darker side of faries that we don't ussually see

As Regina went from rose bud to rose bud, she scowled at herself in the
reflective dew drops she gathered. Muttering to herself in a mimicking 
voice of Jessica, the high priestess and her mother. “Now Regina, don't 
forget to gather the dew drops for the morning sun ritual. Make sure 
only to pluck the fattest dew drops Regina.” She dropped the voice as 
she lay another dew drop in the hollow acorn she held by the crook of 
her arm. “She treats me like I'm still a hundred years old.” Regina 
stated to her wide headed reflection in another dew drop. She Picked it 
gingerly from the moist skin of the rose bud and placed it in the acorn 
with the others. 

Regina hung in the crisp morning's air in front of the rose bud and
looked at the forest as it woke up. The animals began their day as the 
sky turned a lighter shade of blue. Regina saw a toad hop into a 
toadstool ring and sailed down. The largest toadstool in the middle had 
a wide flat dimpled top witch had collected a small pool of dew water. 
Regina a lit on the edge of the toadstool and set the acorn carefully 
in it's tender meat. She then waded into the pool and knelt so her 
knees were covered, the chill of the water filled her. She looked 
smartly at her reflection, Her long purple hair flowed around her like 
water and her eyes matched her hair. Her almond eyes scanned her body, 
and she then craned her neck to look at her wings. She reached back and 
preened the luminous sails of prismatic color seeping out of her back. 
She pulled her hair back and secured it in a bun with the stem of a 
lily of the valley, she then placed the flower over her bun as a hat. 
After inspecting herself one last time she flew in a tight circle above 
the toadstool snatching up the acorn, and flew off to join the others 
in Oaken shire. 

Regina flew quickly down to the stone ring where Jessica waited
impatiently but complacently. Regina landed and offered the acorn to 
Jessica, The high priestess looked into her youngest daughter's purple 
eyes and then at the hat. “Take your position Regina.” she said taking 
the acorn. Regina flew up to her platform of artists fungus that grew 
in a large sturdy crescent from the trunk of the large oak she shared 
with nine others. She then stood at the edge to watch with all the 

Jessica set the acorn in front of her in a divot made especially to hold
the acorn. All eyes of Oaken shire were on her as she raised her hands 
above her head, she began a mantra repeated very fast under her breath, 
and the dew drops soared out of the acorn to circle the air above the 
stone ring. Jessica smacked her hands together and the drew drops 
splashed into each other forming a large glob of water. It then sailed 
straight up into the sky above the clearing. A tiny shower came to the 
clearing and every fairy stood very still on their perches of plant and 
stone, and each had a droplet stop and hover in front of their eyes. 
Regina could see behind her main droplet, a multitude of even smaller 
droplets stretching up and out of the clearing, and she knew this chain 
was connected to the large glob of water hovering above the tree line 
to catch the morning sun's rays. Jessica folded her hands and stopped 
her mantra. The thin chains began to emit prismatic glints filtering 
the sun to all the citizens of Oaken shire. They all closed their eyes 
and felt the warmth of the sun filling them with, power, and ease. As 
always the morning sun ritual was regrettably over as soon as begun, 
and it wouldn't happen again until next Sunday. The populace of Oaken 
shire went back to their business and Regina went into her apartment. A 
largish hole in the trunk of the tree that was well furnished and 
adorned by multiple outer artifacts. 

Regina walked over to a pile of maple leaves and stacked them in a neat
pile uncovering a large smooth circular case. Regina held one handle 
down while she pulled up on the other right next to it. This was her 
most prized possession. Regina had found it while chasing butterflies 
in the outer woods. With a grunt she unfolded her case and her 
reflection came into view, Regina then climbed up and sat on the 
circular cushion facing herself. She still felt the sun's energy 
coursing throughout her body and yet still couldn't help feeling 
depressed. She craved freedom, adventure, she wanted to get lost. “Why 
must I stay here?” Regina asked her reflection as she pulled the stem 
out of her hair letting it cascade again. “I like it better that way.” 
Said a voice from her doorway Regina jumped and a small puff of nice 
smelling dust billowed out from under her. She shifted and looked at 
Charles through the mirror. He was a boy fairy with dark green hair and 
eyes, a nice sturdy physique, and beautiful dark blue wings that Regina 

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