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Judgment day in Eden Hills (standard:action, 3793 words)
Author: Jimmy MasonAdded: Aug 25 2007Views/Reads: 2200/1250Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Hell on earth starts in a small town called Eden Hills.

A black and blue police cruiser moved steadily down Main street, the
lettering on the door read “Eden Hills Police Department. Mary Holloway 
drove the cruiser while wiping blood off her face with a large wad of 
tissues. Sitting behind her was her prisoner. He was a tall man, 
slightly lanky, but good looking. He had jet black hair that was short 
and a goatee that was just as dark. The man was very calm and quiet he 
almost seemed to be sedated, but Mary knew better. He had his face 
right up to the metal mesh that separated them. She could hear his 
rhythmic breathing slow and without urgency. That was the worst part of 
this whole ordeal, the way this man acted. Mary looked into the 
rearview and saw his pale orange eyes staring directly at her through 
two of the little diamonds, curious and caged like those of some 

“Hey! Why don't you sit back? Take it easy we've got a twenty minuet
drive back to the station.” Mary took her eyes away from his witch were 
very beautiful and yet dangerous and tossed the bloody tissue to the 
floorboard. The prisoner chuckled and sat back slowly saying. “We're 
not going to make it to the station, Detective Holloway." 

Mary Holloway, a homicide detective for E.H.P.D here in Eden Hills, came
into work that morning like every other morning. She walked in and went 
straight to the coffee pot and took down her cup from the cupboard. 
This wasn't a town things really happened in. There was some burglary 
here and some mugging there, and even once they'd had a rape. Since 
Mary was transferred here seven years ago their wasn't one murder. So 
much can change in a day.  Richard walked into the break room as Mary 
mixed the cream and sugar into her coffee. He was the best desk cop in 
the department. He walked over to Mary holding a folder visibly 
flustered. “What's up Dick?” Mary asked before taking a sip of coffee. 
He pushed his glasses up. “In your office. We'll talk about it.” Mary 
shrugged and led him into her office setting her cup down on her desk, 
she took off her jacket and hung it on the wall hook. Richard came in 
shutting the door behind him and sat down across from her. Once Mary 
was settled behind her desk he pushed the folder at her as though it 
were something hot and scolding. “Chief told me to keep this on the 
level. He doesn't want media involvement if at all possible.” She 
opened the folder. Large photographs assaulted her eyes. What she could 
tell before Richard said anything was; It was a woman, shot at close 
range at least three times, college student. Richard began. 

“Amanda Kingston. Age, 27. Local student at Eden university. Found in
the rest stop outside of town by Lesher and Jensen  at approximately 
4:40 a.m. Cause of death, four 38calibur gun shots, multiple broken 
bones, and mutilation.” Mary came to the last picture and dropped it. 
The picture was a close up of the girl's back, carved into her skin was 
a verse it read. “Take a big bite and fall in to your sin. Take a big 
bite so I can finally win. Eat out your soul and then there's no 
return. Take a big bite and watch Eden burn.” “Cute.” Mary said closing 
the folder and picking up her cup for a sip. Richard just shrugged and 
shook his head. “Have her parents been notified?” Mary asked. Richard 
pushed his glasses up again. “Um-yes. Mr. and Mrs. Kingston are with 
the body right now.” Mary nodded. “Would you have them come see me 
before they go?” “Certainly.” Richard answered and got up to leave he 
then stopped and looked back to Mary who had opened the folder again. 
“Anything else?” She looked up from the photos. “Yeah get me Lesher and 
Jensen's report.” Richard opened the door. “You got it.” and he was 
gone. Mary took another drink of coffee then said aloud. “Eat out your 
soul and then there's no return, Take a big bite and watch Eden burn.” 

Mary spoke to Amanda's parents. Mrs. Kingston did most the talking
because Mr. Kingston always excused himself behind his handkerchief. 
They couldn't believe their daughter was dead, couldn't think of any 
one, not one single person who didn't like her. Mary did jot down the 
name Brian Kelly, also a student at eden university and Amanda's 
boyfriend. About ten minuets after the Kingston's left Mary's office, 
Richard rapped on the door jam. Mary waved him in and set aside the 
police report filed by Lesher and Jensen. “What do you got?” Mary 
asked. Richard plopped down in the chair across from her and held up a 
peace sign. “Murder number two.” Fifteen minutes later Mary pulled in 
front of the co-ed dormitory at eden university. She stepped out of her 
cruiser straitening her dark blue jacket over her white blouse. She 
then adjusted her shoulder holster witch held her nine millimeter 
automatic under her left arm. Mary walked up to the blue suite standing 
at the entrance to the dorms, as she approached he said. “Second floor 

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