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The Monsterboys (standard:horror, 5298 words)
Author: Jimmy MasonAdded: Aug 25 2007Views/Reads: 1763/1087Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Four unlikely heros find themselves thrust into a world where monsters exist, and discover some hidden truths of humanity.

Part 1 The Man & The Zombie 

A close knit group of  friends called themselves the monster boys. There
were only four of them but judging from their attitudes you would've 
thought they had an army in reserve, in their battered northwest 
territory backpacks. The monster boys were the quintessential punk 
skaters of the era of the late eighties and early nineties.  Their  
hair sported different unnatural colors. Their backpacks were covered 
in different patches of various band labels and sigils, filled with; 
packs of cigarettes, lighters, firecrackers, pellet guns, some fat 
sacks of good Midwestern marijuana, pipes, rolling papers and in each 
pack surrounded in their anarchy material and illicit paraphernalia 
were four other smaller leather packs. 

Their dress was beautiful for the times. Long john shirts were a year
round fashion commodity, as were the flannel shirts tied around their 
waists. Over the long john shits were band label t-shirts in varying 
display of torn disarray. The boys all wore baggy cargo shorts cinched 
tight with belts under the flannels, and shod their feet in either army 
boots or Chuck Taylor high tops. All four of the boys had matching 
double kick skate boards with gasoline soaked ball bearings for extra 
speed. They were a squad, a band. They were the fear of the preps, the 
brunt of jokes from the gang bangers, and the idols of the stoners & 
alterna-brats. No one dared cross them however, not any of the cliques 
at Midwestern High. They were held in high regard by all. The boys hung 
out in a ramshackle shack they found in the woods across from Mercury 
Park. Fixed up a bit by the foursome, it became an excellent and 
somewhat livable place. This was in October of 1992, at that time it 
was just a safe haven from four different broken homes. A sanctuary 
where they could hang out after school, smoke their weed safely away 
from prying eyes of the law and parental units. It was their freshman 
year and none of the notoriety they would soon have over the school was 
evident at this time. They all piled in to their shed witch they called 
The Hollow. One by one they entered the hollow and tossed their 
backpacks on the floor next to their seats. 

Derek Jensen was sporting canary yellow hair, his house was the closest
to Mercury park and subsequently it was usually his older brother's 
small refrigerator that provided the monster boys with beer. Derek was 
a mechanic, his joy was the smell of gasoline, disassembling engines, 
and reassembling them with parts left over. He sat down on a large 
beanbag chair. 	Jason Ere had jet black hair with three dark blue 
stripes running back. He was a fanatic of anything that shot anything 
including; bb guns, slingshots, cannons, even bow & arrows. Jason had a 
knack for finding good weed at good prices. He sat down on a padded 
milk crate and began the business of rolling a couple of after school 

Alex Danbro's hair was fire engine red and closely shaved except for his
long bangs. Alex was the inventor of the group, he loved making 
something out of nothing. He was rarely seen without some device or 
contraption he was presently working on. He sat on another beanbag 
chair and pulled the model airplane he was working on out. 

Craig Kraven had the longest hair in the group down to his shoulders, it
was jet black with purple highlights. He was already being noticed by 
the girls at Midwestern High. He loved blades and always had one or 
more on his person at any given time. One such blade he pulled from his 
boot as he sat in a padded hollowed out steel drum. On that late 
afternoon October of 1992 the second joint had just finished making 
it's rounds around their spool table. The boys sat enjoying the high as 
only teenagers can. Not with whoops and hollers but with silent 
ruminations. It had grown almost completely dark when something thumped 
into the side of the hollow. All four of them high and paranoid jumped 
up. Derek held a monkey wrench up, Jason reached under the spool and 
brought out an air pistol. Craig being closest to the door held out his 
boot knife.  What the hell was that? Alex asked. Then the door burst 
open spilling a man onto the floor, He was bleeding and mumbling.  
Help me....It's after me! Help me. Craig and Derek pulled him the rest 
of the way in and Alex closed the door, Jason hadn't taken his gun off 
the man. Craig helped the man turn over and they all jumped back. The 
man was coated in blood and beat up pretty bad. A slash above his 
eyebrow line and a gouge in his right fore arm was the culprit of the 
blood. Craig leaned down near to the injured man. 

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