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On Being a B*stard (standard:Editorials, 1154 words)
Author: LoriAdded: Sep 14 2007Views/Reads: 2022/981Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Some didn't like the first part, some won't like this part either. Don't read if you offend easily!

On Being A Bastard 

By: Lori 

Unlike the words "bitch," I feel this word isn't overused. Of course,
I'm a woman and don't get called this. So the men out there may have a 
different opinion. This isn't really a word I use, I like "Dickhead," 
or "Dumb Ass" better .  Let's look at some definitions of the word. 

a person born of unmarried parents; an illegitimate child. 

a vicious, despicable, or thoroughly disliked person 

Slang A person, especially one who is held to be mean or disagreeable. 

Okay, you get the picture. Here is the origin of the word. 

[Origin: 1250–1300; ME < AF bastard, ML bastardus (from 11th century),
perh. < Gmc (Ingvaeonic) *ba-st-, presumed var. of *bo-st- marriage + 
OF -ard -ard, taken as signifying the offspring of a polygynous 
marriage to a woman of lower status, a pagan tradition not sanctioned 
by the church; cf. OFris bost marriage < Gmc *bandstu-, a n. deriv. of 
IE *bhendh-bind; the traditional explanation of OF bastard as deriv. of 
fils de bast “child of a packsaddle” is doubtful on chronological and 
geographical grounds]. 

Now we can understand the word better. But, does it help us to know who
is a bastard and who isn't? Just because a man is mean, is that reason 
enough to call him a bastard? Is it enough to call someone this because 
they parents weren't married at the time of their birth? What about if 
I hated you with a purple passion, is this reason enough to call you a 
bastard? Those are the questions I want to examine. 

Does it help knowing a word's definition? Yes and no, I think. Yes
because you understand what you are trying to say to someone. No, if 
you're stupid of the meaning you're not accountable when you hurt 
someones feelings. Of course that means two things for you. One you're 
not very intelligent if you're using words you don't understand (hold 
on to the bitching I'll touch on this more in a minute.). Two why are 
you using words you don't know what they mean? 

Now going back to being intelligent and not knowing what a word means.
I'm not talking about words we use everyday and someone says what does 
that mean and you draw a blank. Lord, knows I do this when one of the 
kids ask me what a word means they've never heard before. Or in most 
cases, words I've used before but wouldn't let them interrupt to find 
out the meaning of. I treat my children like adults, because they 
practically are, but also because this is a hard world we live in and 
if I don't do it someone else will. Having said that, I don't allow 
them to interrupt me when I'm talking to someone else. I think this is 
rude! When they ask about a word, I put it in terms they understand, it 
may not be the correct definition, but they get the gist of the word. I 
do it with adults too. I think we all do it, don't we? BUT this doesn't 
make you stupid. It's just a word you use a lot and you use it in a 
context you understand. 

Because a man is mean, does it give you the right to call someone a
bastard? Again, I have to say yes and no. Yes because most of the men I 
know, and I've called bastards, really did deserve the word. If a man 
is hitting on a women, without her consent, then he's a bastard and a 
few more choice words. If a man is hitting on an animal, same thing. If 
you're abusing something/one, you deserve to be called much worse then 
this word because you have no respect for human kind! 

No because say a man is just being malicious, is he a bastard? Not
really because this could be the only way he knows how to be and he may 
not be meaning to be mean. A friend of yours calls you a bitch when 
you're having a bad day, do you bite his head off and call him every 
name under the sun, including this one? Or do you ask why he said it? 
He could be picking with you and trying to get you to laugh. He could 
know you're having a bad day and want to make it better. You shouldn't 
jump to conclusions when you don't have all the facts. 

Of course me saying that is funny because I had a conclusion about the
people who come to my page and I'm proving to be wrong on it lol. 

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