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Twenty Dollars To Fear (standard:humor, 1454 words)
Author: Jimmy MasonAdded: Sep 19 2007Views/Reads: 1873/1079Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A moving truck's break down causes a most memorabel night at the local bar

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shot glass. Devlin dialed his phone card number and then Jane's number, 
as it rang, he drained the beer and set the bottle on top of the phone. 
The line picked up. “We're sorry, this call can not be made at this 
time, please hang up and try again.”  Devlin's temper began to boil, 
then the automated voice came back. “Please hang up and try again.” 
Then Devlin began seething. “Hey! Hey there boy-o! Be careful with that 
phone!” Shamus called. The noise that ensued sounded as if Mr. Baker 
ripped the phone off the wall. Shamus was about to say something to the 
effect of get out, then his voice dried up like an October leaf. From 
the hall to the bathroom came a hulking muscular form. Torn jeans still 
hung on to it's privates but the rest of it was covered in course dark 
fur. McLanagil's eyes widened and locked with the yellow eyes of the 
beast. Then he saw under the long snout a gnarled sneer filled with 
mean looking teeth. McLanagil could barely breath but said softly. “Oh 
my Mary, Joseph, and Christ. It's real. Grandma always said they were 
real. It's here.” 

The five men turned around in their seats and the creature looked at
them, the men were petrified at the sight as it lumbered to the seat at 
the far end of the bar. The girl in the booth let out a short yelp 
before her boyfriend slapped his hand over her mouth. The beast sat 
down and put it's heavy claws on the bar, it's tail swished back and 
fourth. Shamus was standing right there in front of it. His heart was 
ready to pound it's way out of his chest and the sweat that ran down 
his neck was ice cold. This stranger was an omen to the end of days 
Shamus was certain. The creature slid his left claw over the bar 
leaving deep grooves and curly long wood shavings. The creature took a 
deep breath and released a small guttural growl. Every one was as still 
as statues as they watched in fascination. The beast picked up the shot 
glass and tilted it's head back slamming the shot of whiskey. Setting 
the shot glass upside down on the bar the beast stood up locking eyes 
once again with Shamus. Shamus thought for sure his life was over. He 
shut his eyes tight and awaited the death blow that was inevitably 
coming. The creature faded from his sight and he saw only darkness and 
the brass bells rang. Shamus opened his eyes in time to see the 
creature drop down on all fours and bound off into the night, releasing 
a howl toward the moon. To Shamus's surprise there was a twenty dollar 
bill on the bar. The young girl spoke up. “It took it out of his back 
pocket and laid it there.” Shamus picked up the bill and looked at it 
as if he'd never seen legal tender before in his life.  He then took 
the shot glass and placed it on the shelf above the bar visibly 
shaking. “Well Mr. McLanagil. Do you believe in that blarney now?” Mr. 
King said. Shamus looked over to the man and smiled with relief, and 
came to refill the men's drinks. “Aye, Mr. King. I'm now a believer. 
Now shut up and eat your peanuts.” 

The End


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