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I have faith in you (standard:adventure, 629 words)
Author: BritneyAdded: Oct 04 2007Views/Reads: 2051/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A test of a friendship, through a struggle that would effect us mentally and physically

Looking over at my best friend in the drivers seat, I could tell from
her bubbly smile how excited she was about driving her somewhat new, 
white Volkswagen Beatle. She had this charm about her that I've never 
seen before. Maybe it was the fact that we just had a great dinner at 
the red lobster or maybe it was the fact that we were finally going 
home to just have our usual weekend sleepover. Her hair had just been 
dyed a dark chestnut brown which was a change from her natural dirty 
blonde. A few moments later, her smiled had dimmed and I could tell by 
her expression that she was getting worried. It was a rainy, stormy 
night, and the traffic was becoming heavy. Red and white lights started 
to surround us with the water pouring down blurring our vision and the 
slippery roads were not helping the situation much. In a blink of an 
eye, the dim on her face made sense as our life had changed forever. 

“Faith, Faith, Oh god Faith, are you ok?” With a minor movement, her
eyes opened slightly. With the little strength in my body, I shifted 
over to the drivers seat and carefully lifter her face towards my own. 
Her tears were pouring like the rain and I had remembered what had just 
happened. We sat there, in the eight foot ditch where our car had been 
severely smashed into by another driver who had hit us from the side. 
There we were left, with shattered windows, blown airbags, and bleeding 
bodies. As one tear rolled down my cheek I realized that we could not 
just sit here; no one would be able to notice our car. 

Managing to shift my weight around to grab my purse, I immediately
reached for my cell phone. I started to dial and just as my mom picked 
up the phone, I began cry uncontrollably with fear piercing my voice. I 
looked over, and Faith just laid there...still. My eyes jolted red, and 
my body trembled as my voice started to crack, “Mom I have to go”.  I 
briskly hung up as I panicked for my best friend. My hands trembled 
over her legs and shoulder as I tried to shake her up. Her body 
stiffened and her head plunged back. I reached for my phone one more 
but this time to call 911. I gave detailed explanation of what I 
remembered prior to the accident and how our stable conditions were. In 
less then 5 minutes, the police and ambulance had arrived. 

On arrival to the hospital, we were put in immediate care and were
checked over. The shattered glass had penetrated our skin. We had 
busted open lips, bruised eyes, and rips all over our bodies. Faiths 
neck was so badly buffeted that she had to be put on medication, bed 
rest and be sent to a massage therapist for a month. Luckily for me, I 
was let out the morning after. It felt as though nothing even happened 
to me since Faith was in much worse condition.  Over the past few 
weeks, I made regular checkups at Faiths house to bring her goodies and 
just be there for her as a friend should. 

As time went on, we both healed, mentally and physically. Nothing could
have tested the imminence of our friendship the way that car accident 
had. We grew stronger since then, and try not to look back on it even 
though we know that we could have been separated today. And although 
Faith was driving the car, I could never blame her for putting me in a 
situation like that. She is my best friend, and that is someone special 
who will never be taken away from me. 


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