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Married, But Not to Each Other (standard:romance, 4527 words)
Author: LoriAdded: Oct 26 2007Views/Reads: 2261/1482Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A married woman decides to meet her married Online lover for a more physical affair. My thanks to Tom and Tony for helping get this story ready for the public. I love you both!

Married, But Not to Each Other 

She was an online buddy and they were meeting for the first time face to
face. But Simeon would know her anywhere. He recognized her, not only 
from the picture she sent him, but also by the way the men in the room 
didn't give her a second look. It was because she wasn't, what people 
normally called, beautiful. She was overweight and carried herself as 
if she hid from the world. Simeon could tell she had neglected her 
appearance for years. But, he knew something everyone in the room 
didn't know. Her personality and her mind were two powerful tools for 
the beauty headed his way. Both of which he considered extremely 
exciting in their own right, but together they were a lethal 

“Dominique?” He watched her eyes shine when he asked to be sure. 

“Simeon?” Dominique, not knowing what else to do, offer her hand.

“Even more beautiful in person.” Simeon leaned down to kiss the lovely

“You don't have to lie.” Dominique laughed at the first touch of his

“No lie.” Simeon, looking deep into her eyes, stood back up. 

“Thank you.” Dominique whispered as she withdrew her hand. Even that
little caress sent shivers racing down her spine. This man could prove 
to be very dangerous to her senses. 

“Have a seat.” Simeon, pulling out a chair for her, wanted her to see he
could be the gentleman she thought him to be. Not some gad who would 
ravish her body and devour her soul. 

“Thank you again.” Dominique looked around the crowded room of the
restaurant. She had been here many times with her husband, but she 
didn't think this would be a good topic to discuss. Talking in person 
wasn't as freeing as if you were talking to a computer screen. 
Dominique wondered again why she agreed to this rendezvous. 

“Nervous?” Simeon reached his chair and took a seat. He looked, from the
waist up, and liked what he saw. Dominique was blessed with a 
voluminous figure, not only from being overweight, but from genes. Her 
dark brown hair made her look mature and motherly somehow. Her hazel 
eyes were wise beyond her years, and had a haunted feel to them. If you 
searched deeply enough, you could sense the pain of abuse she hinted 
at, the agony of a love which was dying at home, the abandonment of 
hope for something better, and the grief she put herself through 
because of her feelings about life. Dominique had a flawless olive 
complexion. The lines were hinting at, but hadn't yet developed. It was 
like they didn't dare to mess with the charm of her face. Simeon moved 
in his chair to get a glimpse of her long legs crossed at the ankles 
under the table. He imagined them wrapped around his waist. The 
tightness in his groin made him look back to her eyes, and await her 

“A little.” Dominique toyed with her napkin, anything to keep her hands
busy. She kept sneaking peaks at the man before her. Her first thought 
was his picture didn't do him justice. His dark hair was cut close to 
his head, not really in a military fashion but close. His piercing 
brown eyes looked into her soul and she shivered at the images he could 
see there. His name wasn't the only thing which linked him to his 
heritage. His skin was a golden color associated with people of Jewish 
descent, or Roman gods. His overall manner was cocky and conceited, but 
Dominique knew this was a disguise to hide the gentle warrior who 
lurked in his heart, a champion of relentless romance and poetry, a 
lover of the finer things in life. Those things were hidden in Simeon's 
soul, images and designs for only the choice few who would glimpse 
beneath the rough exterior. Dominique wanted, above all, to be in that 
group of people. She desired to know his hopes and dreams. Not only the 
ones he would reveal openly, but also the ones he felt he had to keep 

“There's no need to be.” Simeon discretely called over the waiter. “Do

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