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This Is Night (standard:drama, 144 words)
Author: Ann OnymityAdded: Nov 17 2007Views/Reads: 1932/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A pem about a cold night...

This Is Night 

Darkness.  Everywhere.  It is Night. 

I find myself gazing up into the starry oblivion of the moonless sky.  I
watch as my breath glides out of my mouth and turns into transparent 
clouds of white colorless fog. 

I look around me. 

My searching eyes rest on the trees, remembering the glorious luster of
bloom they were not long ago.  Now only remains spindly brown bodies, 
stripped of their golden splendor, still and naked in the dark bitter 

My eyes are stilled by the ground. 

Dead, rust colored leaves are strewn across the icy motionless grass. 
Frigid dew clings to its frozen blades.  Clings, clings just as the 
last retreating instants of the somber night clings to the slowly 
brightening heavens, before it slips into the final melancholy repose 
of defeat as night fades into day. 

Darkness.  Everywhere.  It is Night. 


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