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Undecided (standard:Inspirational stories, 622 words)
Author: Amelia BrinesmithAdded: Dec 06 2007Views/Reads: 1623/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Tammie watched her sister die one horrible night in a car accident, and is now scarred. She tries ot live on her life in the best way possible, but runs into many obstacles. Read the story to find out more!

ProlougeŚRough Draft 

Rain poured down softly onto the roof. The night was cold and silent;
eerie silence hung in the air. Trees sagged with the weight of the 
rain, bending as if they couldn't bear the weight. Rain clung to the 
grass, creating a slippery surface for those who would dare walk upon 
it in the morning. Black storm clouds blended into the dark night sky. 
Stars attempted to peak out of the blanket that covered them, only to 
fail miserably in the process. All lights were off in the houses; young 
children and old grandparents fast asleep, missing the show that was 
being held outside of their warm bedroom window. All except one, that 

Tears streaming down her cheeks, Tammie Spring pressed her 14 year old
nose against the window, watching the scene play out before her like a 
movie on TV. This miserable night reminded her of one horrific night 
about two years back. As she relived the night, tears rushed down her 
face like a raging, out of control river. Sobs escaped her body, 
shaking her like an earthquake. Her legs buckled into a pile on the 
floor, taking the rest of her helpless torso with them. She brought her 
knees to her chest, and buried her face into them, letting her kneecaps 
muffle her cries as she drowned herself in the memory of her sister. 

Heavy rain pounded onto the roof of Kenzie's blue Honda truck, creating
a deafening noise inside. Lightning struck every couple of seconds, 
blinding her with its flashing light. She tried to stay focused on the 
almost invisible road in front of her, and the lanes that were hiding 
underneath the puddles of icy rain water. Kenzie quickly glanced down 
at the clock. 12:49. She moaned out of frustration and silently 
reprimanded herself. She had promised Tam she would be home by 10:30. 
She could picture what Tammie was probably doing right now. Her pink 
fleece blanket rapped around her, the long brown curls she hated so 
much cascading over it. Her pretty little twelve year old head was 
resting against the window frame, her big brown eyes staring out at the 
driveway where Kenzie's car should be parked. Kenzie was six years 
older then Tammie, but they had a special kind of bond that amazed most 
people. Kenzie was Tammie's hero; Tammie was Kenzie's baby. 

Her mind consumed with thoughts of her little sister, Kenzie quickly
turned onto the street on which she lived. She drove past the stop sign 
at the intersection in front of her house, since no one was out 

When Tammie saw her big sister's blue Honda truck barreling down the
street, she sprang up and ran out the door. She swung open the door and 
waited impatiently on the porch, watching her sister's car accelerate 
towards her. Tammie watched in horror as Kenzie carelessly ran through 
the intersection, another car slamming full speed into the driver's 
side. Kenzie's Honda flipped several times in the air before smashing 
onto its roof. Windows shattered, scattering glass pieces across the 
road. After the crash, there was an odd stillness. Silence filled the 
air; lights started turning on and doors started to open as people came 
outside of there warm houses to see what the commotion was. 

Tammie was now on her knees, sobbing uncontrollably. She watched the
scene play out before her, horrified at what she saw. Desperately, she 
tried to look away, but couldn't stop starring. She hoped that someone 
would shake her awake from the terrifying nightmare soon; she didn't 
know how much more she could take. Unfortunately for her, this wasn't a 
dream. This was real. Kenzie was dead. And Tammie had watched her die. 


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