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Down with Hillary (standard:Editorials, 1068 words)
Author: LoriAdded: Jan 06 2008Views/Reads: 1776/1013Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Hillary came in third during the Iowa Caucus. This is my reply to that.

There is one good thing happening this year that I know of. That event
is we get rid of Bush. I'm so looking forward to the elections in 
November. Now, I KNOW that my vote won't count for much. But I'm still 
going to be there to cast it. 

I know it's early in the year and this only the first caucus, but ya'll
don't know how much I want to jump for joy that Hillary came in THIRD. 
I had been worried for some time that the American people couldn't see 
her for what she is. But, once again, the American people have restored 
my faith in humanity. Once again, my people have seen the evil she 
represents and came out in droves to get HER to see she hasn't 
hoodwinked us into believing the BS she's sprouting. 

I'm as Democratic as the next person. I stand by my party, and fully
support them in the endeavors to better this country. I haven't always 
liked the laws/bills they've passed. I'm not always on the bandwagon 
when it comes to the things they do. But, I understand how important, 
each and every one of them, are to the advancement of this nation. But, 
I hope, and PRAY, they aren't stupid enough to back this woman. 

I'm not going to really bash Hillary, because, truth be known, I don't
know the woman personally. I can't judge her own who she is as a 
person. But I can come to my own conclusions about whom she is as a 
politician. And people, I can't STAND her. 

I'm a firm believer in people making their own way in this world. I
believe you shouldn't stand behind someone, until the time is right for 
you to shine, and take credit where credit isn't due. She says she's 
been in politics for 35 years. Bullsh*t! Her husband has been. She's 
just stood behind him and let him have the limelight. What has she done 
for New York in the last eight years? Come on! Please, is all I have to 

I know you aren't supposed to look at their past personal lives when you
elect someone. If we had eight years ago we wouldn't have elected the 
jacka*s we have now. I mean, the man was a drunk and a drug user and 
now he's the President of the United States of America? WTF? We can 
elect someone like this but we still hold a firm belief that a man of 
color can't do better? PLEASE! 

I got off track. I know we aren't supposed to hold the stupid things in
their past against them. But, in Hillary's case, how many women does 
she think will vote for a woman who stood beside her husband while he 
PUBLICLY humiliated her? 

And before anyone else says it, I'll say it first. Yeah, I haven't lived
a pure life. I've cheated on my husband and have told him he's stupid 
for staying with me. But I thank him for supporting me while I destroy 
our lives. 

There's a difference though. My husband KNOWS my motives for doing what
I do aren't based on how far it will advance me in my career. My 
husband knows that I do love him, as much as I can. Chuck understands 
the things I do aren't based on something HE did. That I'm responsible 
for my own actions. He understands it isn't about him, it's about 
something I find waning in myself. And he also knows there's NO way, on 
God's green Earth, that I would EVER leave him for another man. 

But, it's NOT because I want to go on and become something greater than
I already am. It's not because I have such low self esteem I have make 
myself more important than I am. It's not because my life long dream is 
to be the most important woman in the world. It's not because the only 
way to make myself better is to hide behind him, and stand on HIS 
accomplishments. Or to lie and say I'm someone I'm not. 

It's because I have too much invested in my relationship with HIM to
throw it all away on a whim. I love him too much, as a person, to ever 
toss him aside just because some as*hole makes me believe the pasture 
is greener on the other side. Everyone knows it's not, no matter what 
anyone promises you. I care too much for what we've built, in 10 years 
together, to leave him for something which isn't proven to work. Plus 
you have to add how can you really trust someone who's cheated with you 
to not cheat ON you? Call it selfish, irresponsible, whatever you want 
to call it. But in my own way, Chuck will always be the man of my 
dream. BECAUSE he's stood by me in the dark, and the light, times. He 

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