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Airplane (standard:drama, 273 words)
Author: GirlAdded: Mar 02 2001Views/Reads: 3841/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A boy and his thoughts. Very short.

The boy sat alone on the airplane. He was not really alone, not in the
world, not in his life, not even on the plane. His mother was seated 
adjacent to him. Her head resting carelessly on the window, legs curled 
precariously on the seat separating them. He wondered what would happen 
if that window were to break. Would she be sucked out or would her 
shoulders get stuck on the frame? Maybe the change in air pressure 
would rip her head right off. He supposed that the oxygen masks must 
drop in those situations. He was neither a violent boy nor did he wish 
any harm upon his mother. He merely aimlessly pondered such events. 
Maybe that was part of what made “alone.” 

As he sat in his quiet isolation he thought of his friends, his family,
his girlfriend, and his possessions- all the things that, by 
definition, meant he could not be alone. He was not lonely, not in a 
conscious sense. He did have an emptiness inside him. A longing for who 
or what he did not know. 

He looked over at his mother, peaceful and contented. What would happen
if he... She twitched mildly when he flicked her toe. What was the 
source of this need to disturb her perfect slumber? Maybe it was the 
manifestation of some subconscious loneliness, to make sure she was 
still alive and with him. Or maybe it was his way of reaffirming her 
humanity, knowing that all earthly existence is imperfect. He let his 
hand fall to his side, ever so casually connecting with his mother’s 
foot. The physical contact soothed his worries. 


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