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Daylight Savings....but why? (standard:romance, 260 words)
Author: CyranoAdded: Jan 14 2008Views/Reads: 1790/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Sometimes the familiarity of events, even the quirky ones, gets us through some difficult times. When we lose or gain an hour are we nearer or farther away from reality?

Your eyes spoke to me of a love that would never die, while your arms
encompassed me in safety, reassuring me that I'd never be left alone. I 
did not see the light fading in your eyes, or feel you slipping from 
me, like sand between fingers, pouring slowly away, till you were a 
memory. Now your voice is but spoken in the wind, and everything you 
say, I believe. 

Bereft of courage, of will and desire, the stars glow dimmer, the sun
darker and the world cooler, time has simply passed through the 
hourglass of lonely, years of my life passing by without me living 
them. Once in a while you return, I feel your shadow crossing my face, 
cool, with feathered feet, and for a while I am alive once more and the 
breeze of your closeness perforates my skin. 

I would have died in private pillows, hiding nothing but my face, so
tearfully afraid you would die again.... and again.... and again until 
the end. I lay under the soft fabric of your clothes, smelling the 
clear unmistakable smell that is you, strong as ever. So gracefully, so 
softly, you were washed away, leaving a gift too late to receive. 

How odd that factory whistles still blow, the mermaid still sits on the
rock, beautiful words and songs are still written, daylight is still 
saved (though no-one understands why) and lovers still lock hands. It 
is the sweet familiar, an eternity, a time frozen. But I know if I open 
my eyes I will lose you forever. 


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