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Why Do We? (standard:Editorials, 855 words)
Author: LoriAdded: Jan 29 2008Views/Reads: 1938/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Why do we do the things we do for love? Can someone please answer that for me?

Why Do We? 

I will say before hand I don't mean "we" as in not only females. I'm
sure there are males out there who will read this and say women are 
just as bad. So the pronoun "we" will be used as a general reference of 
both sexes. 

On my walk this morning I had millions of thoughts. Though that's not
usually for me , I decided to write about them to see if someone could 
help me out. So bare with me. I'm hoping not jump from one subject to 
another. Mainly it will have one theme. 

Get on with it dumb ass!<<<To myself . Okay, here's the question. Why do
we do the things we do to get a man/woman? We go through so much junk 
to make ourselves attractive. There's diets, dying our hair, perming 
our hair, plunking and tweezing, puffing and pulling, makeup, or going 
without it, where does it all stop? At what age do we just throw our 
hands up and say enough is enough? 

I'm 37 years old, married to the same man for 10 years, and the mother
of two basically grown children. I'm so tired of depending on my 
appearance to get me further in life. To be honest, it never has. So 
why is it I feel the need to make myself more attractive when what I 
have at home should be enough? Why does love have to be so important in 
our lives? 

When I walked outside, lo and behold, Koda was off his leash. I can't
keep this dog in the yard . We have a fence, which he has destroyed 
hence the leash. I don't believe in choke chains, but we had one of 
those on him. The dog doesn't care. Though the chain wasn't tight, 
DON'T believe in it, he still manages to get off every thing we put him 
on. (Yes, I'm going somewhere with this. Just hand on .) 

I thought, since he was already off, what the hay? He could walk with
me. He's used to being outside, because he's HUGE and I can't have him 
in the house for fear his tail will destroy every thing in sight , 
he'll be able to hang the mile of walking. Duke, Dutchess, or Julie 
can't because they aren't used to being outside in the cold that long. 

Anyway, Koda is the best dog. He's gentle, kind, and, so sweet. He minds
like a dog is supposed to. Trust me, MY two don't . But Koda and Julie 
mind better than the kids . As we were walking I was thinking about men 
and how they are nothing like their best friends. Koda comes when I 
call him, minds when I tell him to get out of the road, doesn't jump on 
the kids in the park when I forbid him not too, he's a good dog. 

Now I'm NOT saying I want a man this way. I'm saying it would be nice to
see a man care as much as dogs do. Men/women shouldn't come at every 
beck and call, but it would be nice to know there is someone there when 
you need them. 

We don't actually mind our partners. I don't want that either, but it
would be nice to be able to have a conversation without someone proving 
the other wrong all the time. 

We tease, flirt, and ogle the opposite sex. Wouldn't it be nice to know
you're enough in the eyes of the person you love? Why do we do this? 

I don't understand the ways of men and women. When we say we love
someone we're supposed to do that with our whole hearts. We should 
strive to make a go of it, even if it's not an easy road to hoe. We 
shouldn't have to change ourselves to suit them. We should be happy 
with the person we are and love ourselves, maybe not more than the 
other person but close to it. Right? 

Then why is it we torture ourselves? Why is it we bend over backwards to
make our loved ones important but forget about making ourselves that 
way? Why is it we care more about their feelings than we do our own? 
Why it is we can be "friends" with them, but not lovers? 

Koda is afraid of the major highway which runs in front of our park as I
am of love. He knows there are monsters traveling fast that could hurt 
him very badly. When we're walking he stays as far from the road as he 
likes but still keeps me in sight. How come he is smarter than I am? 
Where he avoids danger, I plunge in head first without an evacuation 
plan. Where he knows better than to risk his life, I take my chances. 
Where he's smart enough to do what his instincts tell him to do, I'm so 
stupid I don't listen to the inner voices and plow through life like my 
very life depended on it. How come God made animals smarter than 
humans? Could someone please tell me that?


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