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Just To See Her Smile (standard:drama, 3066 words)
Author: PaulAdded: Mar 04 2001Views/Reads: 2712/1318Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A husband waits while his wife suffers surgery

Just To See Her Smile 

He was sitting staring into the cold overcast. The view mirrored the
feeling in his soul. So often his surroundings reflected his mood, but 
nothing could equal the ominous feeling of this day. 

It had been three hours since they had taken Lisa, his wife of forty
years upstairs for the procedure. It was supposed to take an hour, but 
it had already been three. They were supposed to call on the hour. At 
one the nurse had said that all was well, and they would be done soon. 
At two they'd said they were almost done. Now it was after three, and 
no one had called to reassure him. They must be very busy. 

Andrew was pessimistic anyway, but this challenged all the hope that he
could muster. Their kids were supposed to be here but none had arrived, 
and he was very alone. He knew that they all loved their Mother very 
much, and they just could not be here now; but no matter, he was still 
alone. If the truth were known he would probably be just as alone if 
they were there, and he knew it, and so did they. Why could he not see 
the glass as half full rather that half empty? 

He closed his eyes to shut out the world but he could only think about
Lisa, about their last conversation and embrace. She was just as 
scarred as he was, but too brave to admit it. After all, if they got 
through this, there was to be another operation, one even more 
dangerous, in just a week. But the alternative to these procedures was 
worse. She could lose her leg or her life. He opened his eyes again. 
The world was in his head, and the pictures there were more depressing 
than the scene outside of the window. 

Tears began to stream down his cheeks, the salty taste leaking onto his
lips. His vivid imagination began to control his being, and he took 
refuge in what he did best, planning. He took out a pad and began to 
organize their assets and liabilities so that the kids would know how 
to take care of their estate. It was a forgone conclusion, for everyone 
concerned, that he would not continue his life if he lost her. 

There was a knock at the door, and Terry, entered without waiting for an
answer to her knock. "How is it going Dad?" she asked. 

"I haven't heard anything for over an hour. I think there is trouble,"
he replied. "They called at one and two but not since then. I don't 
think that no news is good news, because they were trying to keep me up 
to date. The doctor must have his hands full." 

"Maybe it's only an oversight," she said. "Maybe she is in recovery
right now." 

Reality was not one of Terry's strong points, and he knew that. So often
she got caught off guard because of her rose colored glasses, but he 
wasn't going to raise that point. She never listened anyway. 

"Could be," he replied. "Maybe the nurse got busy and forgot," Andrew

"Why not go to the nurses' station and ask?" Terry questioned. 

"I think I am afraid to find out the truth," he answered. 

"I'll go then. There is no reason to sit here worrying without asking
someone," she said. 

He knew that was true, but his fear of disaster was too much to
overcome. Maybe, as long as he didn't ask, he would not have to face 
the truth. Terry got up and left the room. Once again he was left alone 
with his thoughts. God, please help me. I can't lose her. 

In a few minutes Terry returned and stated," They don't know anything,
either, or maybe they just weren't telling. They said they would call 
the operating room and have them call." Terry laid her head on the 
bed." I had to work today, couldn't get off as I thought. I'm sorry.  I 
am really tired." 

"Why don't you lie on the bed," Andrew said," no one is using it, and
your mother won't care when she comes back to the room." 

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