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THE DOG FIGHTER (standard:horror, 4954 words)
Author: Mason HungAdded: Feb 26 2008Views/Reads: 1554/1001Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
It's about an animal abuser who ends up trading places with the animals he abused.In the end he becomes a major advocate for animal rights.

The Dog Fighter 

Written By Mason Hung 

It was a cold, nasty December night in Montgomery, Alabama, and a
depressing rainfall had been pouring down, non stop for the last 
thirteen hours. Most folks were inside of  their warm toasty homes  
reading a good book, watching television or writing out a collage of 
victim-theme poetry as they waited out the withering storm. While 
others help pass the time sipping a warm, delicious cup of coca along 
with a fresh baked oatmeal cookie as they snuggled together under one 
of great grandma's legendary handmade quilts. Who knows? 

The point is that they were inside of their homes doing something
constructive with their down time. Meanwhile, somewhere in the woods 
out  behind Johnson's Catfish Farm, a grueling fight to the death was 
taking place. This was not a sanctioned match by The National Boxing 
Association or an underground bare knuckle fight between two fat out of 
shape hillbillies. ESPN was definitely not on the scene for the event. 
This bloody war was between man's four legged best friends. Two 
extremely game pit bull terriers were tearing each other into pieces in 
front of a large rowdy crowd. Mike Simmons watched in satisfaction as 
his dog  literally ripped the other dog's lower jaw completely out of 
its mouth. His torn up body collapsed  on the muddy forest floor as he 
cried out in agony for someone to rescue him from the excruciating 
pain. That poor dog held on to its life just long enough for its owner 
to casually walk over and put a bullet thru its head. Mike didn't blink 
an eye. Because he knew if the shoe were on the other foot, and it was 
his dog that lost, he would've done the  exact same thing. This kind of 
brutality comes along with the territory. It's the nature of the 
business. As well as collecting on the prize for owning the winning 
dog. But there weren't any AKC trophy's  or Pedigree treats for this 
grand champion. The prize for this particular fight was five thousand 
dollars in cold hard cash. The guy handed Mike an envelope stuffed with 
hundred dollar bills. 

“Here you go Mikey. You earned it.” “Thanks a lot bro. I'm sorry you had
to put your dog down. He was a warrior to the end.” “Don't worry about 
it. You win some, you lose some. Either way, it sure feels good 
watching them kill each other.” 

Both men began laughing. Then they shook hands as a sign of good
sportsmanship before going their separate ways. Yeah, I know that this 
is a dog eat dog world, where everything is centered around the all 
mighty dollar. Sometime people do horrible things to have the extras in 
life. That's just the way it is. But this is a Mason Hung tale and 
within these pages everybody is held accountable for their sins. So pay 
close attention to the details or you just might end up lost as we 
travel recklessly down this highway of insane vigilantly K-9 justice. 
(Woof ! Woof !) 

Instead of going home to stash his money, Mike decided to treat himself
to a few stiff drinks at Igor's Bar And Grill. Igor's was a nice little 
cozy bar where a lot of dog  fighters frequented regularly. After being 
congratulated by a few of his peers on his big win, he picked up a 
drink from the bar and purposely sat  at his usual  table by the 
window. The rain was coming down hard outside. He worried about his 
dog, that was taken home from the fight by a friend of his, who was 
well schooled in the profitable art of patching up battle wounded 
fighters. Mike had invested thousands of dollars into his four legged 
killing machine and wanted to make sure that nothing was seriously 
wrong with him. Just as he was about to finish up his drink, two 
dangerously  beautiful women walked over to his table. 

“Hi, I hope we're not interrupting you from anything important.” “No,
not at all.” “Well I'm Kandy and this is my friend Trixie. We 
recognized you from the fight earlier and were wondering if you wanted 
to have a drink or whatever?” Wow! He couldn't believe that these hot 
girls were actually interested in him. It had to be his prize money 
that attracted them, but he didn't care. Because they were way better 
looking than any female he'd ever been with. Add in the fact that they 
smelled like a delightful combination of fancy coconut soap water and 
expensive perfume, it was safe to believe that this country boy was 
ready for a love connection. “Of course. I'd be honored to have a drink 
with you ladies. I'm Mike but all of my friends call me Mikey.” 

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