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Lindsay's Chimpanzee (standard:other, 3651 words)
Author: Megan MichelleAdded: Mar 04 2001Views/Reads: 2743/1367Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Ever thought you'd own a Chimp? Read about one girls quest to do just that!

The aroma of fresh cut flowers filled the air in the kitchen as Lindsay
Johnson ran into the kitchen to see if her mother had gotten the mail 
yet. "Mom, Mom did you get a letter from Radisson College?" said 
Lindsay. "Yes, sweetie I did, here it is," said Mrs. Johnson as she 
handed her eighteen-year-old daughter the envelope. Mrs. Johnson was a 
very practical lady and always kept the important mail close at hand. 
"Thanks Mom," said Lindsay. "You're welcome Lindsay," said Mrs. 
Johnson. Lindsay ran upstairs to her baby blue painted bedroom to read 
the letter from Radisson. She walked over to her oak bunk beds and sat 
on the first bunk. The letter said the following: 

July 2, 1996 Dear Miss Lindsay Johnson, According to our records, you
have signed up for all the classes dealing with chimpanzees. We need to 
know specifically what class or classes you want to take. I'm sorry but 
we can't let you take all the classes because other students want to 
attend them  too. (No more than two classes please.) Also, one of the 
requirements is  that you must own a chimp. Please respond to this 
letter as soon as possible. Sincerely, Professor Jane Noel 

"Oh my God I have to get a chimp. Wow! This will be fun. Now, I just
have to talk my parents into it," said Lindsay as she was tucking her 
long light brown hair behind her ears. "Mom! Mom!" Lindsay called down 
to her mother. "What is it sweetie?" Mrs. Johnson replied. "Come down 
here and tell me what it is please, I'm not coming upstairs." Lindsay 
ran down the stairs. She passed numerous pots of red begonias with the 
letter in her hand to find her mother in the kitchen baking carrot 
cake. "Mom, Radisson College requires that the student must have a 
chimp to take the classes." "Oh that's nice sweetie," Mrs. Johnson 
replied as she was just about to crack an egg into a large mixing bowl. 
Lindsay stared at her mother. Her mother stared back at her. Mrs. 
Johnson began to look worried. Her hand trembled as she peeled some 
carrots and set them aside. "Oh...oh stop it!" Mrs. Johnson continued 
stirring the batter, and recomposed herself. "Mom I mean it! I'm 
serious," Lindsay yelled. Her mother looked up from the batter. "No... 
You're kidding!" Lindsay mother's forehead wrinkled. "But Lynn, you 
know we can't afford it!" Mrs. Johnson whimpered. "We have to get your 
brother and sister through college too, you know. You're not the only 
kid in this house." "Ugh! I don't care about Colt and Edele," Lindsay 
murmured while she walked out of the kitchen as her pale face turned 
bright red. "I heard that! That's right you don't care about anybody 
except yourself Lindsay," screamed Mrs. Johnson. At this point Lindsay 
was halfway up the stairs and she quietly murmured under her breath, "I 
will get that chimp for school no matter what I have to do." When 
Lindsay got to her bedroom, her younger sister Edele barged in. "Hey 
sis, whatcha doiní?" Edele asked. "Nothing, now get out of my face!" 
snapped Lindsay to Edele. "Whatís the matter, sis? You're usually not 
like this... Did you get into another fight with Mom?" commented Edele. 
"Yes, I did, but itís none of your business," snarled Lindsay. "Okay, 
well then fine Iíll leave you alone," said Edele. Lindsay then sat in 
her room brainstorming what to do. She decided that she would call her 
friend, Katie, and ask her for advice. She picked up the blue phone and 
dialed Katie's number. A voice answered the phone. 

"Hello, is this Katie?" asked Lindsay. "Yeah, Lindsay, what's up?" 

"Well, I'm having a problem," said Lindsay. 

"What kind of problem?" replied Katie. 

"Well, I got a letter in the mail from Radisson College. In order to
take part in the classes that deal with chimps I have to own one. But, 
the real problem is my mom won't let me get one. What can I do?" asked 

"Well, you have a dog right, that you don't take care of?" commented

"Yeah... I do." stated Lindsay. 

"Well, all you have to do is show your mom that you can take care of
your dog and maybe show a little responsibility. Then possibly she'll 
let you get the chimp. Or, you can do research on chimps at the library 
and show that to your mom as well," explained Katie. 

"Okay, thanks for the advice Kate," said Lindsay. 

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