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Montana Legacy's Forbidden Love (standard:romance, 4946 words) [1/2] show all parts
Author: Desari Von WolfUpdated: Mar 07 2008Views/Reads: 1828/1199Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Kristen Anderson travels to Los Angeles to visit her cousin and while there has a chance meeting with Joshua Harrington whom she promptly falls for. Joshua has come to L.A to grieve for his wife who was killed in a car accident and finds himself falling i


Chapter One 

Two years earlier Trey Harrington and his wife Francesca walked from
their apartment building in Paris, France into the mid morning sun. 
Trey was tall with broad shoulders and black hair that fell to just 
below his shoulders. He had his mother's emerald green eyes. His skin 
was a golden brown, inherited from his Crow ancestors.  He was 
preoccupied with his own thoughts and paid little attention to his wife 
of six months. Automatically he slowed his pace as she was heavy with 
child. The baby was due in three weeks, and they planned to fly back to 
the states in a few days. He hadn't told his parents about their 
marriage, because they had married quickly as she was pregnant. 

He had planned to surprise his parent's with the news, but he had
received word from his parent's that morning informing him that his 
twin brother's wife had died in a car accident. Trey was worried about 
his brother and knew he must be suffering terribly. His plan was to fly 
back to the states first thing in the morning, but he hated to drop 
such shocking news on his parents at a time like this. Still, it 
couldn't be avoided any longer, the baby would arrive soon, and perhaps 
that would help ease his parent's grief. His Father had sounded weary 
on the phone. Beside him Francesca was frowning. His wife was tall with 
long black hair, and dark eyes. The only extra weight she carried was 
her pregnant belly. She had small breasts, and tended to be too thin. 
Trey was ignoring her again; he barely paid her any attention. She knew 
he was upset about his brother, but his interest in her had been 
slipping for a while. He worked long hours on top of school and she 
barely saw him. They hadn't made love in a couple weeks, and she had 
begun to fear he was seeing another woman. Francesca hated what the 
pregnancy had done to her body; she would be glad when the baby was 
born. Still she knew they wouldn't be able to make love for a while 
after the birth, and she could feel Trey slipping through her fingers. 
Francesca loved him so much, and he had told her he loved her, but 
sometimes she wondered if that was true. More and more she feared his 
only reason for marrying her was the baby. 

Turning she stepped in front of him to stop him, intending to give him a
kiss. As she stepped in front of him she heard a loud boom, but thought 
nothing of it. The impact of the bullet slammed her forward into Trey. 
Catching his wife as the loud boom finally registered in his mind. 
Someone was shooting at them! Picking his wife up, he scanned the 
buildings around him for the shooter,  but he didn't see anyone as he 
raced back into their apartment building. Francesca moaned in his arms 
as he set her down in the lobby. “Someone call an ambulance, my wife's 
been shot.” He shouted in French to the doormen. “I love you.” She 
whispered weakly. She knew she was dying, but she was fighting to hang 
on for the baby. “You'll be alright, help is on the way.” He replied. 
Trey was in a state of shock. His hand gently stroked her hair as he 
waited for the emergency crew to arrive. It seemed to take hours for 
them to arrive, but they arrived within minutes. Trey backed up to 
allow them to take care of his wife. She was moaning in pain. He stood 
there his clothes covered in blood. He watched as the Emergency crew 
quickly loaded his wife into the Ambulance, climbing in behind them. 
The ride to the hospital seemed to last forever. Francesca was moaning, 
her breathing shallow, her body shaking. They finally arrived at the 
hospital and raced his wife inside. He knew from the looks on the faces 
of the hospital personnel that his wife wouldn't make it, but he held 
out hope for the baby. While he waited in the waiting area he was 
questioned by the police about the shooting. There was nothing he could 
tell them, he didn't have a clue. All he knew for sure was that the 
shooter had intended to kill him. An hour later the Doctor came out his 
face grave. “I'm sorry Sir, but we were unable to save your wife.” 
“What about the baby?” He dared to ask. “We performed an emergency 
c-section; you have a son. But the baby is in critical condition, the 
bullet tore through your wife's womb.” The Doctor answered. His son, 
whom he named John Edward after his father and grandfather, died 
twenty-four hours later in his arms. Francesca's parents arrived to 
find their daughter and grandson had died. Trey left the hospital 
unable to face their grief, he was overcome with guilt. Trey quickly 
made arrangements for his wife's funeral, before flying back to the 
states, just in time to attend Laura's funeral. His parent's were angry 
over the fact that he hadn't returned sooner. Both were grief stricken 
and didn't notice how terrible Trey looked. He stayed for the funeral 

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