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Eternal Flame (standard:romance, 8291 words)
Author: Desari Von WolfAdded: Mar 06 2008Views/Reads: 1974/1060Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Mindy Miller is a talented writer screenwriter and has sold several scripts that have been made into Disney movies. Her best friend is Colby Morgan a student at Stanford pursuing a degree in forensic Medicine. Their friendship turns to romance in a singl



She was in trouble; she shouldn't have accepted the drink handed to her
by a stranger. She was sure that there had been something in the drink, 
because she felt funny. She needed help and fast before the drug took 
full effect. She shouldn't have come to this party anyway. Stumbling 
through the crowded house she searched for a phone. It was getting 
harder to think. By the time she located a phone, she had a hard time 
remembering the number she needed to call. She couldn't call Tom he was 
away on a movie shoot. Even though he was suppose to be in town 
watching over her. She would have to call her best friend Colby; he 
would come get her. 

Slowly she dialed the number struggling to remember his number. Finally
the phone began to ring. She prayed she had called the right number. By 
now she could hardly stand up. A drowsy voice answered "Hello” She had 
trouble hearing over the noise. “Please I need help.” She pleaded into 
the phone. She couldn't remember whom she had called. 

“Mindy?” Colby asked glancing at the digital clock next to his bed; it
was after two in the morning. “Colby” Mindy said to the familiar voice. 
“What do you want?” She asked trying to think she was so confused. “You 
called me?” Colby asked the hair on the back of his neck rising. 
Something was wrong. “I did.” Mindy struggled to think. “I wanted to 
tell you I love you.” Mindy spilled into the phone. “Have you been 
drinking?” Colby asked. “I don't...something's wrong.. Can't think.” 
Mindy replied her speech broken. “Where are you?” Colby asked getting 
out of bed. “Some guy gave me something to drink... I feel weird.” 
Mindy replied sinking to the floor. “I have to go. I love you” Mindy 
said so groggy she could barely keep her eyes open. “Mindy!” Colby 
asked his voice rose in alarm. “Tell me where you are?” Mindy jerked 
awake at the sound of his voice. 

“I'm at.” Mindy struggled to think. “In a house.” “Who's house?” Colby
asked struggling to read her thoughts. He could usually read her 
thoughts easily unless her defenses were raised. Among other gifts 
Colby was physic. But he couldn't get anything her thoughts were so 
hazy. “I love you.” Mindy gushed into the phone. “I want you so much.” 
“Mindy you need to think, whose house are you at?” Colby's voice was 
sharp, his fear growing. “You're mad?” Mindy said her eyes tearing he 
sounded angry. Colby was busy pulling on his pants. “I'm not mad; I 
just need you to tell me where you're at?” Mindy struggled to clear her 
vision, she couldn't think. Looking down at the unfamiliar phone she 
struggled to her feet. Once up she handed the phone to some girl. “Here 
talk to this guy, I need to lie down.” Hearing this Colby said “Mindy 
no wait!” “Hello?” a strange woman's voice asked. “Can you tell me 
who's throwing the party?” Colby asked. “Jerry Starling” The girl 
replied. “Thanks!” Colby said hanging up. He pulled his shoes on and 
grabbed his keys, heading for the garage. Dammit, he thought. What the 
hell was she doing at Starling's party? She was only sixteen years old; 
he was going to kill Starling! Mindy wasn't into drugs or alcohol. 
Someone must have slipped something to her in a soda. She said 
something about some guy giving her a drink. Shit! Probably some kind 
of rape drug. It would take at least 20 minutes to get there; he prayed 
he would get there in time. 

Meanwhile Mindy was stumbling around the house in a complete haze. She
needed to lay down somewhere. Opening a door Mindy entered a dark room 
not realizing she had entered a closet. Closing the door she sank to 
the floor and curled up in a ball, unable to move. She closed her eyes. 
Twenty minutes later, Colby came to a screeching halt outside of 
Starling's house. There was a crowd of people spilling onto the front 
walk from the house. Colby had to push his way through the crowd and 
into the house, where it was wall to wall people. Colby scanned the 
crowd searching for Mindy. Colby had the advantage of his height. At 
6”4 he was the tallest person in the room. He moved from room to room. 
Opening a door to a back room Colby discovered a group sex session. In 
fact everywhere he looked people were getting it on. That's what 
happened at parties where drugs and booze flowed freely, he thought. 
Which is why he had told Mindy to stay away from Jerry Starling? 
Everyone knew he was a big player in the drug scene. Pushing his way 
through a crowed hall he tried every door. One sex display after 
another greeted him. Several people were getting it on in the hall, 

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