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The Cabin (standard:romance, 2414 words)
Author: Desari Von WolfAdded: Mar 06 2008Views/Reads: 1801/1077Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A young woman is on the run from an abusive husband. She is driving to fast on a mountain road and loses control of her car. She meets a man who is at odds with every man she has ever known.


Chapter One 

On a dark and gloomy high in the mountains and car raced a long a narrow
mountain road taking corners to fast causing the tires to squeal as she 
went through tight corners. The woman behind the wheel didn't slow down 
but continued to push the car as she repeatedly checked the rear view 
mirror. The woman's face was covered in bruises that make up could no 
longer conceal. She was running for her life, and dared not slow down. 
He would find her he had money and power and she had neither at her 
disposal. She was desperate to escape; the repeated rapes and beatings 
had nearly killed her. If she died out here on the highway it would be 
blessings. She could no longer endure the pain she had lost the will to 
live. She just wanted to curl up on a ball some where and die. That was 
her plan she would find some place high in the mountains that was 
peaceful. She had a bottle of prescription drugs that she could take 
and it would be all over. No more rapes, no more beatings. She would be 
safe once she was gone from this world and she was so tired of living. 
The years of abuse had killed her spirit. She had once been full of 
life and dreams. Her husband had robbed her of those things. She had 
tried to leave him several times but he had found her over and over and 
each punishment had been worse and worse for her attempts to defy him. 
The last beating had nearly killed her. 

The car started into a tight corner and the tires squealed as the tires
struggled to hold the car to the road but she was traveling to fast and 
the car flew through the air rolling down a steep embankment over and 
over until the car landed in a gully at the base of the steep incline. 
Her last thought as she lost consciousness was that it was finally 

A tall man with shaggy dark hair drove his pickup over the narrow
mountain rode carefully. He drove and old red pickup that was in good 
repair. He was headed home after a short visit to the city. He hated 
the city with all its noise and pollution he loved his mountain home. 
He lived in a cabin that was high in the mountains on a lake. He loved 
the peace of having no neighbors although it was lonely sometimes. If 
he had his choice he would never leave his mountain home. He was in his 
early thirties and had grown up in the city. His parents had lived in 
an apartment in a bad neighborhood and he had grown up in rough 
neighborhood. He had spent his early years fighting to survive the mean 
streets. He had started writing in high school and that had earned him 
a scholarship to the University of Montana. It had been his ticket out 
of the slums where his parent's still remained. His Dad was a drunk and 
his Mom was into drugs. He had raised himself from early child hood. 
Once in Montana he had never gone back to that life. He had published 
several award winning books and used the money to buy land high in the 
mountains where he had his cabin built. As he rounded a corner he saw 
squid marks on the road way and slowed he could clearly see that a car 
had gone off the road. Stopping the truck he got out. As he walked to 
the edge he could see the remains of a car at the bottom of a ravine. 
Going back to his truck he got his medical kit. Among others things he 
was a licensed EMT. Making his way carefully down the hill side he 
approached the 

car already expecting the worse. He could see that a woman was slumped
over in the front seat with long honey colored hair that reached her 
face. She was wearing a seat belt. The windows were all broken out of 
the terribly mangled car. Reaching in he felt for a pulse and was 
surprised to find one. She was alive by some miracle. He lifted her 
hair and saw that her face was terribly bruised. Someone had done a 
real job on her he thought with a dark frown. He recognized the bruises 
made by a fist. His Dad had used his fists on his Mom plenty. Reaching 
into a kit he placed a neck brace around her neck. He would have to pry 
the door open to get her out. He quickly examined her body for broken 
bones and fractures. Her injuries didn't appear to be to severe the 
seat belt had saved her life. Still she would need immediate medical 
attention. He didn't dare move her for fear of her having a spinal 
injury. He made his way up the hill side to his truck and used his fire 
radio to summon search and rescue units, he than returned to the car to 
wait for the search and rescue. As he was waiting she came around. 

“Take it easy don't move around you've been involved in a bad car
wreck.” He told her taking her hand. 

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