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Out of Darkness (standard:romance, 3613 words)
Author: Desari Von WolfAdded: Mar 06 2008Views/Reads: 1663/1010Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
He came out of the darkness just as had always come. He was dressed in black pants and a long sleeved white shirt. A black cape swirled about him as he walked. He wore a large gun at his hip. Although he had little use for it. He controlled all things wit


Chapter One 

He came to her the first time when she was only one. He picked her up
from her crib and carried her out into the darkness. She went with him 
willingly having no fear of the stranger. Her little hands played in 
the thick softness of his long hair. He took her to his ship. They ran 
several tests on her but she felt no pain. In between tests she toddled 
about the ship getting into mischief. At one point setting off an alarm 
that scared her. She started to cry. The stranger picked her up 
soothing her. He returned her to her crib at dawn. Her parent's were 
still asleep as he had commanded. He placed a barrier in her mind that 
would keep her from remembering him. He gently stroked her soft head. 
She had blonde curls and green eyes. She smiled at him. She watched 
from the crib rail as he disappeared. 

He came to her again when she was five. He removed the barrier in her
mind so that she would remember him and not be afraid. He was tall with 
black hair that fell past his shoulders. His eyes were a deep blue as 
he leaned over to scoop her up. She went into his arms readily. She was 
dressed in a cotton nightgown with a teddy bear on it. Once again he 
commanded her parents to sleep. She had a sister now he noted. But a 
click scan showed she was not compatible. He carried the little girl 
off with him. He ran more tests on her. 

“What's your name?” She asked him as he ran a scanner over her. 

“Trian. What's yours?” He replied. 

“Sierra. I'm five.” She told him. “How old are you?” 

“One thousand years.” 

“You're old.” She told him. 

“Do you think so?” He asked with a smile as he studied the scans. She
was developing well. 

“What's that?” She asked when he picked up an instrument from a tray and
started to place it against her arm. 

“It's an ejection. It will help keep you healthy.” He told her. 

“I don't like shot! They hurt!” She told him shaking her head. 

“This won't hurt, I promise.” He assured her. “You will accept the
injection.” His voice commanded. Their was no way to fight the 
compulsion in his voice. He quickly gave her the injection that was 
painless. He injected her with several things. Her genetic code needed 
to be further altered. But the process would be done slowly. They 
needed to monitor any ill effects. He would watch over her for a month 
to make sure she was able to tolerate the treatments. 

He came to her every night for a week. They played games and talked. She
explored his ship learning more about his kind. She was full of 
questions. She especially loved his wolf. She didn't realize the wolf 
was a robot. It would not be fair to a real wolf to lock it on a 
ship.So the wolf robots had been created to act as companions to his 
people who traveled through space. They were close to their wolf 
brothers on his home planet. 

“Why do you have to leave?” She cried when he told her he would be

“I must return to my home.” He told her wiping her tears away. “But I
will return.” 

“”I'll miss you.”She said hugging him around the neck. 

“Go to sleep little one. When you wake you will have no memory of me.”
He commanded. He carried the sleeping child back to her bed. Tucking 
the covers about her he disappeared into the night. 

“He returned to her again when she was ten. She was developing well. No

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