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Hills With Hands (standard:romance, 826 words)
Author: keshaAdded: Mar 15 2008Views/Reads: 1506/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Just a story about a fantasy trip sort of thing.

I kept finding myself on new ground. There was a well worn path, which
let me know many had walked before me. What it didn't tell me was how 
they got through it. That was what I really wanted to know. How did 
they know what to do? 

With all this unfamiliar territory, I was beginning to feel homesick.
Though everyone had told me that I would make it through, I wasn't so 
sure. I was scared to death. Would I fail or would I push past like 
everyone kept saying? I could still hear them yelling at me from the 
railing that stopped them about a million miles back. Their words were 
still encouraging me, but at the same time drawing me back towards 

I had been ready to go through it. I had dreamed of it a hundred times
before. The only problem was, in my dreams, it didn't show me being 
terrified. They didn't show my shaking knees and hands. They didn't 
allow for me to feel the butterflies flying around in my stomach 
feeling like a feather tickling your ears. 

Eventually I would have to go through this. Everyone did. It wasn't
something that could be escaped. It just seemed that I waited really 
late in life to go. Not that that would have been my original choice. I 
would have liked to go through it all before now, but whatever. That is 
the past and something I can't change now. 

My mom had always told me that these days would come. They would keep
happening for the rest of my life. Maybe not as often as right now, but 
they would still happen. "You will find yourself in the bushes when you 
want to be on the paved road." Certain aspects of life are 
uncontrolable. I, like most people, don't prepare for things that don't 
have a high chance of happening. 

As I was walking the length of this worn out, old path, I realized I
wasn't alone. Someone was walking towards me. They were coming back. 
Why? As I neared this person, I could make out their face. I knew this 
person. It was my friend. When he reached me, he turned to walk with 
me. We were talking. He explained the whole thing to me. 

He came back to me because he didn't want me to be by myself. He figured
I could use some company. Plus, he was lonely up there. No one was 
walking with him either. He figured since he had already been here, he 
could help me find my way safely. I was so glad he was there. It was a 
safety that I wasn't expecting. 

As we neared the first mountain, I started to get even more scared. I
looked back over my shoulder. Should I just give up? No, I couldn't. 
Then I would be leaving him alone. I couldn't do that. Not after he 
came back to help me. However, I wasn't ready to climb over this 
mountain just yet. So, I asked for a break. We sat at the bottom of the 
moutain for a little while. Took a nap, talked, got hydrated, and 
decided it was time to go. He took my hand in his, and helped me find 

The entire time we were climbing over, he never let go. He was there
when I slipped a little. He made sure to not let me fall or climb back 
down. When we were on the ground on the other side, I couldn't help but 
to hug him. He had just helped me jump that first hurdle. Now, I was 
sort of looking forward to the next. 

With every step we took, we both were pouring our hearts out to each
other. We talked of our pasts; all the misfortune we were dealt along 
with all the merry things as well. We were telling each other stories. 
It was fun. 

The next day, we set off again. Talking and holding hands so I wouldn't
fall or focus on what was lying ahead. It was mid-day and we stopped 
for a little break. I was amazed that I could walk so far for so long 
and not really be all that tired. I was just a little thirsty. He took 
a few bottles of water out of his backpack. 

I was nervous about the next climb, but he kept with me. We headed out
after only twenty minutes. I was so happy to go through everything with 
him by my side. Everything seemed so much easier. I told him this 
often. "Well, I am glad I could be your guide during this journey 
instead of the TomTom you had installed in your car last year after you 
got lost going to college for the first time." With this remark, we 
were both rolling with laughter. It was amazing how he could just say 
the smallest thing and lighten the mood. 


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