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Haikus (standard:poetry, 518 words)
Author: GirlAdded: Mar 07 2001Views/Reads: 3365/1915Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
One might think that this is a series of haikus based on the title. It isn't. It's sort of a stream of consciousness. If anyone would like to give feedback I am curious to know if the simplicity in vocabulary is effective in making this more poignant.

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I think about all the misconceptions 

(Or so I call them) 

About me 

How the students at school think Iím on drugs 

Because my friends said I went to rehab 

How the teachers think Iím a burn out 

Because I didnít go to school for a while 

How my mother thinks Iím an alcoholic 

Because mothers are supposed to think the worst 

How my friends think I am going to ruin my life 

In every way possible 

Even though they encourage me 

How my father thinks Iím fine 

Because he doesnít know me 

I look down to the park 

Where we went sledding today 

It was fun 

Despite the cold 

Everyday is fun 

Despite everything 

But I wonít say that when Iím in one of my moods 

And my whole body aches 

And I donít know why 

But things arenít that bad 

I guess 

I see my dog in the window 

Sheís so cute 

I say that too often 

But it never loses itís meaning to me 

Because she is 

She looks sad 

Which makes me sad 

I feel bad that a life that simple 

Has to be sad 

But tomorrow she will get to go outside 

And then come in for her breakfast 

And she will be happy 

At least for an hour 

Iíve just decided 

That mediocrity is the root of failure 

In a long-term sense 

Misery breeds a desire for improvement 

Success breeds a desire for further prosperity 

But a rut is comfortable 

Though not excellent 

And with it comes complacency 

And disillusionment 

In a person like myself 

One should never become comfortable with shortcomings 

As I have 

I am cold 

My justification for sitting here has been extinguished 

On my lawn 

I hear two voices from up the street 

I guess the world is not mine 

And this is not a poem


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