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Haikus (standard:poetry, 518 words)
Author: GirlAdded: Mar 07 2001Views/Reads: 3597/2097Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
One might think that this is a series of haikus based on the title. It isn't. It's sort of a stream of consciousness. If anyone would like to give feedback I am curious to know if the simplicity in vocabulary is effective in making this more poignant.



Itís two in the morning 

I sit on my porch and look at the snow around me 

And the cloud cover hanging so low in the sky 

It all feels so close 

So comfortable 

The world seems like itís mine 

I think about the boy 

And that conversation we had 

About life 

And how I have never talked like that before 

How I wished that he would never stop talking 

And how I wished that he had called me tonight 

And how he tried to suffocate himself two years ago 

But he woke up 

He wasnít dead 

And things werenít that bad 

Then I think about haikus 

They are fascinating 

I wonder who came up with them 

And why they decided that it was poetry 

And what is the difference in culture 

That caused haikus in the East 

And verse in the West 

This is not a poem 

Because I do not write poetry 

I remember that mood I was in today 

It was bad 

I donít know why 

I remember those moods Iíve been in for years 

They were bad 

I donít know why 

I remember that feeling of discomfort 

That tingles in my brain 

Then spreads to my body 

And I feel sick 

But I am not sick 

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