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synchronized symphony (standard:romance, 1975 words)
Author: ysogironAdded: Mar 31 2008Views/Reads: 1629/1035Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
part 1: their lives were arranged to be for each other. how will they disarrange their soon-to-happen marriage?

“I'll see you tomorrow. Bye,” Nicole Yourges said as she went out of the
hallway with her friends. The three of them look all the same. From 
ponytails to shoes, even shoelaces. Like most of the teenage girls were 
doing. The if-you're-one-of-us-then-be-like-one-of-us code. If only for 
their hairs, one might even have mistaken them to be triplets. Nicole 
has brown; the other two has black and blonde. 

“G'bye. Are you sure you're not going to the concert with us?” asked
Yelena Rhede, the one with the darkest complexion among them. 

“You'll miss the chance to see Robert Stewart,” whispered Erin George,
trying to make her jealous and change her mind. “Perform, I mean,” she 
added immediately after realizing that the young man was her suitor. 

Nicole smiled, trying hard not to pout. If only her father doesn't care
about her schedule and where she was going, she thought. “I know. If 
only I could go with you guys. Anyway, enjoy.” 

“We sure will. Bye, take care.” The three kissed each other and waved
goodbye. Left alone, Nicole sighed and turned around to where her 
driver usually parks her car. Unexpectedly, she saw a young man wearing 
a shirt topped with a black jersey and denim jeans, waiting for her 
outside his car. Wide eyed, she distinguished Sebastian Stevens, the 
man to whom she was supposed to be married, according to her demanding 
parents. That was what well-off families do before. Sebastian's 
grandfather was the one who proposed the idea to her parents. 
Unfortunately, the young man was such a playboy, one who used to have 
many relationships with girls at a time. Being a good boy to his 
grandfather, he follows his orders such as taking Nicole out for what 
seemed to be a date. 

As she was about to turn around and leave, he noticed her. He wasn't
smiling at her; there was no reaction at all. She stood in front of him 
and said in a shaky voice, “H...Hi, I... I didn't expect...” What was 
it making her nervous everytime she was facing this man? She didn't 

Sebastian raised his brows and asked, “So, where do you wanna go?” The
usual question. And again, after driving their way to where she wanted 
to go, he would stay inside the car, listen to his music, sleep, wait 
for her and take her home. A wonderful date. Nicole, of course couldn't 
object for they live their own lives and she also doesn't want to spend 
her precious time with him. Naturally to be polite, she'd still ask, 
“Aren't you coming?” 

“I'll stay here.” 

“Are you...” 

And before she could finish, he'd answer, “I'm sure.” Telling her to
leave him alone immediately, not caring about what she'd feel. 

Nicole entered the amusement park and sat on one of the benches. She was
too tired to walk, even move. She just wanted to relax and wait for the 
night to come. 

Sebastian was about to turn his radio on when he caught a glimpse of his
grandfather's car. One of his men was spying on them. “Shit,” was all 
he could say as he went inside the park. 

An old man selling ice cream approached Nicole. “Miss, you've been
sitting there for a long time. Do you want some ice cream?” 

Nicole smiled. “No thanks,” she sighed and when she looked up, she saw
Sebastian, standing before her. “I thought...” 

He sat beside her. “I got bored.” 

Nicole knew the reason why he followed her inside but decided to stay
quiet about it. She felt awkward being with the man and not talking to 
him. She faced him and asked, “So who's it really? My dad or yours?” 

“I'm sorry?” he asked. He was listening but he didn't understand her

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