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Dumpster Girl (standard:mystery, 471 words) [1/3] show all parts
Author: Christopher ConnollyUpdated: Apr 10 2008Views/Reads: 2572/0Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Leo Bower - a detective who lost his wife in a retaliation mob shooting investigates the murder of a teenage girl found in an alley

Leo lit a cigarette and pulled his car away from the alley, once out of
sight of the other officers he slammed a fist on the steering wheel and 
shouted “Why?” to a world that wasn't listening. He had been working 
homicide for twelve years and it never got any easier. Today it was a 
teenage girl found in a dumpster, Leo had stared into her glassy eyes, 
her face contorted with the fear that must have been her final moments 
and he swore silently to her that he would find her killer. 

As he drove along the streets of L.A towards his home in the hills he
shook his head, wondering why he was still here. He had promised 
himself that he would retire to Montana and spend his days fly-fishing 
and writing his memoirs. But this city sucked you dry and tossed you 
onto a bed of frustration, leaving you wanting more and hating yourself 
for it. 

He parked his car on the street outside his apartment block and
shivered. The night was cold and he was reminded of a Robbie Burns 
saying “Ne-er cast a clout til May is out”. Dammit, thinking about 
Scotland reminded him of Susan and the magical afternoon they had spent 
on Lock Lommond, the boat drifting gently on the caressing waves, while 
Susan read poetry to him and he gazed on her beautiful feautures, 
thinking God must have been feeling generous to send such an angel down 
to earth. Scotland seemed like a million years ago now as he turned the 
key to his front door. He couldn't bring himself to leave here yet, 
even though the blood-stained walls reminded him every day of that 
terrible day when he had returned home to find his beloved wife riddled 
with the bullets rom a mob gun. He had held her in his arms and cursed 
the same God who brought them together, Susan had lifted a trembling 
finger and pressed it to his lips, even as she died she knew what he 
was thinking. Her last word had been “Disco”, before her eyes widened 
and blood bubbled from her soft lips. He knew it was some clue as to 
the identity of her killer. Leo had made many enemies in the mob, his 
stern approach to organised crime and refusal to be bribed had earned 
him the title ‘Uomo Steelio' or ‘Man of Steel'. 

He opened the fridge and stared at the bare contents. He hadn't shopped
for days, Susan had been the one who held everything together, he would 
spring up the stairs every evening in anticipation of her warm buns. 

He pulled a bottle of beer from the fridge and sat down on the couch,
turned on the television and wondered how to start on this new murder 

To be continued... 


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