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The Void (standard:poetry, 245 words)
Author: White RabbitAdded: Mar 07 2001Views/Reads: 2136/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
a poem i wrote at some unknown time...i don't remember anymore. Please critique!!! I need the feedback!

I want, no, I need someone to trust 

To tell my deepest and darkest secrets to. 

To share my life with, 

Who will still love me for who I am. 

To take the veil from my eyes 

A veil of pain and suffering, 

Of a lifetime of sorrow and confusion 

But Iím too afraid 

Afraid of rejection 

A swirling muddy water carrying me away 

To no manís land, unable to turn back 

Unable to live. 

I hurt, I feel 

I hate everyone and everything around me 

All their phony smiling faces a façade, 

A wall between me and their hearts 

I feel a darkness in my soul, 

An emptiness, a void. 

I can try to mask the pain with cheer, 

But underneath, like a rotten foundation, 

It remains, growing, flourishing, destroying me. 

I hate myself for who I am, 

But Iím terrified of changing. 

Terrified of becoming someone Iím not, 

Or even worse, pretending to be. 

I can feel my pain, torturing me, 

Tearing me apart, 

Yet I do nothing to stop it, heal it. 

I canít, I wonít, itís too hard 

Iím not brave enough, not good enough 

I wish I could change and stop the pain 

I wish I could fill that emptiness. 

I cry, I cry my heart out for it to be filled. 

For someone to fill it with love, 

With happiness, with understanding, 

With compassion. 

Only then will I be complete. 

But until then, I wait, 

And I wait alone. 


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