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i havnt named it yet :-| (standard:other, 1129 words)
Author: SuperEmoRachelAdded: Apr 12 2008Views/Reads: 1610/1118Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
basically just a story i wrote at like 2am, its not finished yet but i want feedback anyway please

There it was again. 

She sat up and opened her eyes. She could see nothing! 

A bubble of panic rose up until common sense kicked in. It was night
time. She checked her mobile. 3:17am 

She sat there in her dark bedroom, trying to think of what had woken her
up. It was something... something... she didnt know. She was no closer 
to knowing what it was than the first time it had woken her. She had 
lost track of how many times it had happened... sound asleep, like, 
REM, then something... something... 

She lay back down. The first few nights she had been scared, but now it
was something you just put up with. Like beetles. But there wasnt any 
mystery about beetles. Beetles didn't wake you up in the middle of the 
night for no reason, unless they were crawling all over your face or 
something. But this... what was it? It wasn't a noise. No way. Not a 
light. A taste? Pfft. A smell? Nuh-uh. A touch? More like a feeling... 

She had already puzzled over it for hours the other nights, and there
was no way she was going to think about it tonight. She needed her 
sleep. Don't think about it, she told herself. Think about tomorrow 
night. THE night. The one I've been fantasizing about all through high 
school... sleep settled in. She was dreaming about the next night. She 
had forgotten the "whatever it was" for the time being. But it had not 
forgotten her... 

*   *   * 



She ran, obeying the voice, not knowing where it came from or where she
was. All she knew was that she had to run, run like the voice told her 
to, like she had never run before... 


She came to an abrupt halt. Where was she? It was strange to her, a
place she had never seen, nor wanted to see again. She would do 
anything, ANYTHING to get our of this terrible place 

"You drank too much last night." 

Her legs started before her mind did. 


"You drank too much. The fossils aren't going to be too happy." 

She was at her best friend's place, lying sprawled on the couch. 

"That's what you do after your ball, Mitchell. Drink." 

"Still not gonna be happy. 'Specially since your underage." 

"Who gives a shit?" 

"Aaaaww, someone's hungover. Maccas and Panadol is it?" 


"What's the matter?" 


"Come on, what's wrong? Don't worry, I'll make sure your parents don't
actually kill you." 

She ignored him and walked over to the big balcony overlooking the

"Well what's wrong?" 

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