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The Rise of the Storyteller (standard:fairy tales, 1721 words)
Author: awenyddionAdded: Apr 13 2008Views/Reads: 2214/1143Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
For those that used to believe in magic and for those others that don't, here is your storyteller.

The dance floor pumped with echoes of music. The vibrations of the sound
system made bodies move in time with the rhythm. The lights played 
around in their electric orb. It was just one more prom, where a least 
a hundred young souls searched to celebrate the end of their school 
years, while other's honored them. In this particular crowd you could, 
as an observer, admire the fashion statement of many girls; black short 
skirts and tight bodices, along with beaded earrings. It was just one 
after the other, little where different, few stood out from the crowd. 
It was just one more party. 

Until Midnight. 

As the digital clocks turned 12:00AM, the music slowly began to die
down, as if the energy was being put out like a candle by the wind. 
First the song, then finally the electricity gave plunging everyone 
into darkness. Couples held each other at a distance murmuring to each 
other not to move or there would they would step over each other. These 
murmurings began to get louder as the darkness intensified. Someone 
said that there was no moon tonight; the clouds swallowed it. When a 
huge panic began to arise a sudden beam of florescent purple light was 
projected from the ceiling windows onto the wooden dance floor. It's 
laser fell on one of the girls.  She did not scream, she did not faint, 
nor did she die.  A pulsating hot cylinder formed around her until she 
was like a doll inside a glass exhibit. Her boyfriend amazed and yet 
extremely afraid stepped forth to stare in wonder, as the women he had 
grown to love stood elevated a few inches of the floor, in a sleeping 
trance. On her white face a pleasant smile formed, yet she remained in 
her dream world, un touched. 

Seconds passed and yet she hovered on. Two minutes after midnight a
voice was heard in the doorway. “I caught her Sly, and oh man you have 
to see the energy projection on this cute baby. I mean, I can't tell if 
it's positive or negative but if the boss sees her he won't care.” From 
the back of the room a figure slowly walked toward the cylinder. 
Standing close he began to take readings from an electric artifact that 
held a glass crystal at its point. He's features were of that of a man 
of 30, with glasses and a crooked nose. He did not once acknowledge the 
crowd that formed curiously around him, nor of the girl inside his 
case. His only interest was the readings.  While he was lost in thought 
a gruff voice came from the back of the crowd “What did we catch? Did 
it resurge to original form?” He came closer to the first man and 
stared at the eighteen year old girl. Even trough through the dark his 
smile could be defined. He was round and short, with a with beard and a 
bald head. Some confused him with Santa, except for the scar decorating 
his left cheek. “No, it's still inside the casket, I am telling you, 
she is something. I hope we don't screw up. Do you know that if we 
release another one that isn't what we think it is, we could jeopardize 
all humanity?” “Yeah, I now. Last time it took us a year to find the 
casket for the Muse.” 

The bald man was about to speak again when he was force to turn around a
face the crowed. The boyfriend walked bravely over to him and said with 
authority “Let her go.” The man with the glasses who was called Smee 
smiled cynically. “ We can't just yet. Give us a minute to secure the 
sprite within, then you can have your pretty little girlfriend.” Sly, 
un amused turned to stare at the case and suddenly dropped his jaw. 
”Um, Smee...” The for more also faced the girl and felt his blood 
pressure rocket. The girl was now glowing with a heavenly yellow light. 
Before the many spectators at the party her body went under a 
transformation that left everyone's knees weak. The brown hair grew to 
waist length and it's ends curled one by one. The curves began to lose 
it's proportion and got thinner. Her face was the same and yet not at 
all like before. Her features defined themselves until it seemed that 
she was born from the womb of Aphrodite, lush red lips, soft pink 
cheeks and thick eyelashes. The pleasant and content smile never 
withered as the old skin died away. After what seemed like an eternity 
the lids slowly opened and the soft chocolate eyes started blankly 
forward into the void ahead. Inside them was reflected a world of 
tenderness and at the same time, sadness and so much more. She did not 
move again, she did not speak, but instead, screams of surprise and 
fear came from the crowed. 

Sly yelled hysterically. “You dumb sonofabitch. You demented piece of
shit, you woke up the Storyteller. You had the damn thing backwards. 
How can you be so ignorant? Do you know what this means. You have just 

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