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Darkness (standard:romance, 352 words)
Author: DonnaRAdded: Mar 09 2001Views/Reads: 2591/6Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
In memory of Allan, my "on line" friend that became much, much more to me than just that. This was written the week of his death as a way to help me with my own pain.

I walk into the woods, dark and damp.  I listened for your voice, but
all was silent.  The morning gives way to evening and evening to night. 
 I have searched for you high and low, but you are not to be found.  
The daylight, what little there was, has disappeared into darkness.  I 
sit under a large oak tree and lean against its solid trunk. Tears are 
falling from my eyes, I cannot stop them.  I close my eyes in the 
darkness so that I may again see your face.  I can see you then, as you 
were at our last joining.  Your face was flushed with excitement and 
passion. Your eyes smiled at me.  Your hands were gentle and 
knowledgeable as they brought my body to life.  I can still taste your 
lips, almost as if you were with me now. A soft breeze lifts my hair 
from my neck and I imagine it is your hands. The tears dry upon my 
cheeks and I pretend it is your sweet mouth kissing them away. In the 
whispering of the leaves I hear your voice.  I hear the words of 
reassurance you told me.  I allow myself to feel that comfort now.  All 
that I am, all that I have, I gave to you.  Freely given. I slip 
quietly down the well of sleep. In my dreams I reach for you again and 
you welcome me as before.  We love and we laugh.  Friends and lovers.  
You come to me, naked, warm, and cover my body with yours. I feel you 
warming me in the darkness.  I welcome you into my body, holding you 
close, keeping you near.  I feel the approaching ecstasy and I welcome 
it with enthusiasm.  Don't leave me again.  Don't be gone when I open 
my eyes.  I awaken to the lessening of darkness and the sounds of the 
early morning birds.  My body is chilled, no longer does the dream 
image of you warm me.  I arise and continue my solitary journey, in 
search of you through the woods of my life.  Please come home to me.


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