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The Old Tree House- Part1 (standard:romance, 399 words)
Author: TylerAdded: Jun 03 2008Views/Reads: 2345/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Scotty Loves Haley but does Haley love him back? Part 1.

Bringggg!! There was the school bell. Scotty gathered his homework and
headed for his locker. He opened it and gathered his bag and got out as 
fast as he could. He looked back and saw Miss Wilson talking to Haley 
Kimpson. He sighed. He loved Haley Kimpson. She was his best friend and 
he was hers but Scotty loved Haley. "I love Haley and she loves me. But 
she just doesn't know it yet" Is what Scotty told his older brother 
Rex. Rex would tousle Scotty's hair and say " You have an imagination 
kid". It hurt Scotty bad. Scotty was in the third grade and still he 
loved his old tree house. No one knew about it. He wished to bring 
Haley there because he loved it and maybe just maybe Haley would love 
it, and him. He hopped on his motor scooter and rode to Haley's house. 
She was in her grass laying with her school bag next to her. "Ready?" 
Scotty asked. " Ready as I'll ever be" Haley said. She was very curious 
because Scotty said they were going somewhere special and secret. She 
hopped on the back and wrapped her arms around Scotty. She was used to 
it now but when they first met it was weird. She remembered she was 
stuck in a tree. It was around the end of summer and they were just 
going into 3rd grade. He helped her out and gave her a ride home. But 
now they were going somewhere secret. Scotty loved it when Haley 
wrapped her arms around him. Sometimes, like today, she would rest her 
head on his back. Before long they were at the woods. "Scotty where are 
we going?" Haley asked nervously. " It's a secret place. I go here 
everyday" Scotty said. He grabbed her hand and they walked just a 
little way and reached the old Tree House. Haley gasped. "Scotty it's 
amazing! Can I go up?" she asked. " Sure" he said. They climbed up and 
into the house. Then he was ready. He took a breath and said " Haley, I 
have to tell you something". "What?" Haley asked looking at him. He 
looked at her one more time. Her cute blonde hair. Her tight jeans and 
pink babydoll top. She had the most amazing blue eyes. " Haley, 
I...I'm...Ok I'll just say it, I'm in love with you"


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