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where are my kids (standard:Suspense, 653 words)
Author: norm yantisAdded: Jun 03 2008Views/Reads: 3552/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Her biggest fear has happened so find out what happened to her children.

Mrs. Smith is sitting in the office talking to her co-worker. The
colleague is the young new Dr. Drake.                                   
           He replaced Dr. Hope who retired last week. Dr Drake asks 
Mrs. Smith what her biggest fear is. She replies “Losing one of my 
children.” Drake asks “What do you mean when you say ‘losing one of 
your children?' Are you talking about misplacing one of them or someone 
taking them?” She sits there for just the briefest of moments before 
saying, “Either. I mean either. I can't really see myself misplacing 
them. However, that would be bad be also. I guess I worry more about 
someone taking them. 

Dr Drake, I am glad you started working here with us. However, it is
time to go home now. I want to beat that Friday night traffic so I can 
cook for my children and give my mom a break.” Dr. Drake says “That's 
fine Mrs. Smith yo...” As she cuts in and says, “Dr. Drake you can call 
me Sally.” Dr Drake replies “Thank you. Maybe once I get to know you 
better I will.” Sally just stands there looking and smiling at him for 
a moment or two. She was musing over what he had just said to her.  Dr. 
Drake says (as she lurched bringing her back from deep thought) “I hope 
you have a good weekend. Goodbye.” 

As Sally walks out to her white BMW she felt a little spurned from Dr
Drakes refusal to call her Sally. She surmised that he just didn't like 
her. That is why he wouldn't call her by her first name. As she climbs 
in her car Sally starts to quibble with herself about why Dr Drake 
doesn't like her. Sally puts on her seat belt and drives off. She turns 
on the radio and starts to unwind with some easy listening jazz. She 
just wants to forget about it so she doesn't build any animosity toward 
him. Then she remembers that she has to stop and get something for 
dinner. She stops and picks up things for spaghetti, because it is 
little Johnny's turn to pick what they have for dinner and he wants 
spaghetti. . 

She walks through the living room to get to the kitchen so she can start
dinner. Sally sees her mother lying on the couch asleep. Sally asks 
herself “How can you be watching my kids if you are asleep?” So she 
starts to get things ready to cook when she realizes the children 
haven't came to give her a hug.  She looks out the back door. Where she 
sees her mom's new boyfriend doing something with a shovel in the back 
corner of the yard. She stands there looking at him for a moment or two 
thinking she didn't trust this man. 

There is no sign of the children out back. So she heads up stairs and
looks in the bedrooms. She doesn't find the children. She starts to 
panic and yells “Johnny, Troy!” as she runs around the house looking 
for her kids. Her mom wakes up and yells for Frank to come in the 
house. Frank comes running. Just as Frank gets in the house, he hears 
Sally yelling at the top of her lungs “Where are my children?” He 
rushes into the living room, where he sees Sally standing over her mom 
with a knife yelling “Where are my children?” Frank runs over and grabs 
the knife and knocks Sally unconscious. 

Meanwhile, at the office, Dr Drake is finishing up some paper work as
his assistant walks in the office and asks “Do you want me to file Mrs. 
Smith paper work?” The Dr. says, “Yeah here it is.” The assistant stops 
and asks, “Dr. I know you can't say much, but do you think Mrs. Smith 
will ever except that she doesn't works here and that her children are 
a figment of her imagination?” 


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